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Weekly Commentary: The Two Video Litmus Test
Dr. Aaron Lerner 30 March, 2016

Last Thursday an IDF soldier entered an incident already underway in Hebron.

There were two terrorists lying on the ground with gunshot wounds.

One was dead and the other, in a zipped up jacket despite the very warm 
weather (25 degrees Centigrade [77 degrees F]) with a bulge first appeared 
to lay still.

In this soldier's presence there was a repeated call not to approach the 
terrorist in the zipped up jacket as he may have a bomb.

And then someone noticed that the terrorist was moving and called it out. 
He was alive.

At that point, apparently instead of locating the commanding officer on the 
scene and sharing his concerns with the officer that he thought that the 
terrorist was trying detonate a bomb, the soldier took the initiative and 
shot the terrorist dead.

There are two videos covering this incident.  One by B'Tselem that shows the 
terrorist on the ground and the terrorist being shot and another that 
includes in its sound track the voices on the scene warning that the 
terrorist may have a bomb as well as surprise that the terrorist was alive.
[For an excerpt from the second video with English subtitles see 
https://youtu.be/LykFxG-47ok ]

Media coverage following the incident has provided the public with a unique 
opportunity to judge the integrity of reporters, brass and other talking 

It is a unique opportunity because the test of integrity is so simple and 

It’s the "two video litmus test".

Simply put, reporters, brass or other talking head covering or commenting on 
the incident who ignore the existence of the second video have forfeited 
their integrity.

To be clear:  it is most certainly possible to take the position that the 
soldier should have sought out the commanding officer on the scene.  But 
taking that position doesn't require ignoring the existence of the second 
video and the information that it provides.

In the past few days both the print and the broadcast media has been filled 
with reporters, brass or others failing the two video litmus test.

Want an example?

If you are fluent in Hebrew I would like to suggest that you listen to this 
audio recording featuring a very honorable judge and a top news program 
anchor on Israel Radio Reshet Bet.

Retired  Tel Aviv District Court  Judge Amnon Straschnov served as Military 
Advocate General of the IDF from 1986 to 1991. In this 30.3.16  interview on 
Israel Radio with Aryeh Golan on the Hebron shooting incident the facts
supporting the soldier (the second video) are never mentioned while the 
B'Tselem video is cited as the evidence that serves as the basis for the 
judge's observations.

Both the judge and the news anchor failed the two video litmus test.

When the dust settles will the public remember who demonstrated such an 
overt contempt for the truth?

Only time will tell.
IMRA - Independent Media Review and Analysis
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