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"Price-Tag" Attacks? Wrong Again!
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As reported in today's Times of Israel, Palestinian made up account of Jewish arson attack, police say
(Investigators find no evidence that Israeli settlers graffitied, then set fire to the home of a West Bank man.)

A "Palestinian" who claimed to be the victim of a hate crime, reporting earlier this month that Jewish settlers had torched his West Bank home, was found to have fabricated the story, police said Tuesday.
Military prosecutors have opened an investigation into the report filed by the man, who now faces charges of obstruction of justice, making false claims to authorities and violating public order, according to a statement from police.
The story is also covered in Arutz Sheva: Palestinian fabricated 'Jewish terror attack', now faces charges.

How many of these so-called "price tag" attacks against Arabs were concocted or self-inflicted by those very Arabs? How many innocent Jews have been, and still are, illegally imprisoned based on absolutely no evidence, and with no rights? Why do the Israeli authorities arrest innocent Jews with relish, refusing to acknowledge a lack of evidence against them? And most shamefully, those Jews who condemn their own people in a lock-step action, joining the chorus of Israel's enemies simply to pander to the accusers, must do a mea-culpa. AFSI has always insisted on believing in the rule of "innocent until PROVEN guilty." Too many of our politically correct "lemmings" race to accuse their fellow Jews. We urge our people to stand with their brothers and sisters in Israel. Show them we are with them in actions and words of support. Am Yisrael Chai!!

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Obama and the U.N. - Enemies of Israel
 As we've reported in several posts since Purim, last week AFSI led a Megillah reading at the Isaiah Wall opposite the U.N. to celebrate Purim while calling out the UN for the racist, anti-Israel institution that it is.
Today, there is an article in ForeignPolicy.com (Fearing Trump, U.N. Embraces the Art of the Deal) with a revealing quote. The article is about the fear world leaders have about a possible Trump presidency. Given that possibility, they state that the U.N. should implement everything it can in 2016 while Obama is still president. Why?
European governments, in particular, see the adoption of a U.N. Security Council resolution condemning Israeli settlements or sketching a political road map for a Palestinian state as the major prize. They are also seeking U.S. support at a summit on migration that will be held at U.N. headquarters in September. 
"Everything that we can do in 2016 we should do in 2016 because we know what we're dealing with," said a senior U.N. diplomat who favors Security Council action in the coming months on an Israel-Palestine resolution. "In the Obama administration, we have ... the most pro-U.N. administration that any of us can remember."

The logic is irrefutableIf A: Obama leads the most pro-U.N. American administration in history.and B: The U.N. is a racist, anti-Israel body.then C: Obama is racist and anti-Israel. |

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