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Major Jewish Group Says Sarah Silverman’s Hitler Impersonation ‘Most Outrageous’ Misuse of Holocaust Imagery Aimed at Donald Trump (VIDEO) March 13, 2016 3:40 pm 20 comments 
 Ruthie Blum
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Conan Sarah Silverman Hitler sketch Donald Trump-Hitler comparisons Simon Wiesenthal Center Rabbi Abraham Cooper  Comedienne Sarah Silverman playing Hitler on Conan. Photo: Screenshot.
A major Jewish human rights organization railed against the use of Holocaust imagery on a satirical TV sketch this week, calling it the “most outrageous yet.”
The Simon Wiesenthal Center (SWC) took serious issue with Thursday’s Conan [O’Brien] show on TBS, during which Jewish comedienne Sarah Silverman entered the studio dressed as Hitler – mustache, SS uniform and all – to talk about Republican presidential front-runner Donald Trump.
This was part on an ongoing controversy surrounding two issues relating to Trump’s campaign. The first was the endorsement of the politician by white supremacist David Duke. The second was a claim that a pledge Trump elicited from voters in the lead-up to a recent primary caused them to raise their hands in what appeared to some viewers to resemble the Nazi salute.
Silverman, a supporter of Democratic candidate Bernie Sanders, performed a routine in the Conan studio that involved her speaking on behalf of an ostensibly miffed Hitler, slightly offended at being compared to Trump.
“Since our founding nearly 40 years ago, the SWC — which has never endorsed any candidate for office — has often spoken out when politicians, whether Democratic or Republican, and other public figures misuse the Holocaust and Nazi imagery,” SWC Associate Dean Rabbi Abraham Cooper told The Algemeiner on Sunday.
“Now Americans are subject to a campaign of comparing presidential candidate Donald Trump to Hitler. Sarah Silverman’s Conan is the latest — and for now, the most outrageous — incident. I have no doubt that there will be many, many, more such references,” he said.
However, he added, “Let me clear. Donald Trump has made statements that have angered and worried many Americans — by denouncing all Muslims and failing to immediately denounce David Duke’s endorsement, to cite but two examples. Mr. Trump left himself open to strong criticism — including from the Simon Wiesenthal Center.”
Nevertheless, Cooper stressed, “Entertainment figures accusing Trump of being Hitler-like is wrong and dangerous. You want to mock Trump, ok, he’s fair game. Take him on in every venue, including comedy. Denounce any statement he makes. But inserting history’s greatest criminal — who launched a world war that left 55 million people dead and who mass-murdered 6 million Jews — as a political prop in the 2016 campaign is beyond the pale. It demeans Hitler’s victims and debases history.”
Cooper concluded: “Americans deserve powerful national debate and discourse in this and every presidential campaign. The bombast being hurled across our national political and social divide is shameful.”
Watch Sarah Silverman as Hitler below:   
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