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Can the Donald Make America Great Again?Prof. Paul Eidelberg
The boorishness and intellectual poverty displayed by participants in America’s presidential debates may well be deemed the most disgraceful phenomenon in American political history.How can America survive with such clods and clowns competing for the Presidency, the highest office of the United States?When we contrast the intellectual level and steadfast character required of the heads of state committed to America’s demise, it should be obvious that only a benevolent God can save us.Since Vladimir Putin, a chess player and gymnast, has more intelligence under his fingernails than Barack Obama has under his scalp, to make America great again is equivalent to reviving a dead horse by injecting it with adrenaline!So let’s take a breath fresh, go back in history, and recall the role of Cyrus in the building of the Second Temple in Jerusalem. Let me suggest a novel idea or project.Needed is to make America great again is to make Israel great again by forging an alliance of far-sighted Jews and Christian Zionists, an alliance animated by the goal of constructing the Third Temple in the Jerusalem, the City of Truth! Of course, the idea is grandiose. Not only is it beyond the horizon of secular politicians, the idea would also be scorned by today’s Lilliputian intellectuals.Besides, such a project is also beyond the mentality of conservative Republicans who do more than curse the darkness.However, perhaps Donald the Great, the real estate mogul, can be inspired by his Orthodox Jewish son-in-law to imitate Cyrus the Great?☼============= Please contribute to The Freeman Center's essential educational activities. Mail check to address above or by paypal: http://www.freeman.org/paypal.htm
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