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Survey Reveals More Than Half of French People Think Jews ‘Have a Lot of Power’ February 1, 2016 4:19 pm 11 comments 
 Shiryn Ghermezian
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French Jews French Judaism Foundation Jewish community France Jews France Jews survey Muslims France  A rally against anti-Semitism in France. When asked if there are too many Jews in France, 13 percent of the respondents said yes. Photo: CRIF, Twitter.More than half of the French population surveyed in a new poll published on Sunday admitted to thinking that Jews are powerful.The poll, conducted over the course of 18 months, sought to study French sentiment toward racism, religion, antisemitism and Islamophobia. The results, which were published in the French weekly Le Journal Du Dimanche, revealed that 56 percent of French people believe Jews “have a lot of power.”Some 91% of respondents said Jews in France “are very insular,” and 30% answered yes to the question: “Do you think a racist reaction can be justified?”Regarding the number of Jews in the country, 13% said they think there are too many, while 18% said the same about Muslims.The survey also asked respondents if they “ever personally encountered problems,” such as being insulted or assaulted, by members of different religious and ethnic groups. Twenty-nine percent claimed they had had some form of trouble with North Africans; 27% with Romas; and 26% with Muslims.The survey was carried out by the IPSOS Institute and commissioned by the French Judaism Foundation.============= Please contribute to The Freeman Center's essential educational activities. Mail check to address above or by paypal: http://www.freeman.org/paypal.htm
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