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End of the Classic War Era 
Israel has been engaged in a different kind of war since the late 1990s. The defense establishment must, therefore, develop relevant new tools for dealing with the challenges and threats looming along our borders 
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Conferences and Events    
24-25.3.2015 - CyberTech 2015
The second CyberTech Conference – the largest cyber conference held outside the USA, bringing together leading multi-national companies, start-ups, private and corporate investors, venture capital firms, experts, clients and many more. 
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4-7.5.2015 - The International Ground Forces Conference
The conference will cover the challenges, opportunities, and trends encompassing the modern battlefield. For the first time, special focus will be given to the 2014 IDF Operation "Protective Edge". The conference topics will include lessons-learned from the operation and field case-studies from the senior industry and military officials involved in the operation
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Two of a Kind?
Ehud Eilam presents the similarity between the Russian and the Iranian approach from the western perspective. Both Russia and Iran are crossing red lines – should the western powers react? 
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Is the Northern Front Igniting Again?
The latest events in the North, in which Jihad Mughniyeh, the son of Imad Mughniyah, was killed, come in the wake of an enormous tension between Israel and Hezbollah. Commentary 
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"Active Defense - in Cyberspace, too"
Exclusive: Amir Rapaport visited the cyber warfare operations center of the Lockheed Martin Corporation in Maryland and spoke with the chief cyber analyst of the giant corporation about cyber defense in the new era 
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"Branch" of Islamic State: Seven Israeli-Arabs arrested

Cleared for publication: seven Israeli-Arabs from the Galilee were arrested and admitted to have tried to establish a network of the Islamic State. The sever planned to fight in the ranks of the organization in Syria 
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"A Target Destruction Factory"
The Israeli Air Force must prepare for Israel's future conflicts - in terms of its force build-up and organizational structure. Brig. Gen. (res.) Asaf Agmon on the changes required from the force's command 
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The "Great Wall" of Saudi Arabia
The surrender of the head of the Amniyat, al Shabaab's intelligence service, and the death of his successor, would be the latest in a series of setbacks for the al-Shabaab militia since the death of its former leader. However, Dr. Shaul Shay believes al-Shabaab is far from being defeated 
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IAI Oversees All Its Civil Aviation Activities
Israel Aerospace Industries is establishing a Civil Aviation organization that will coordinate and oversee all relevant activities within the company. The new group will be led by Mr. Gadi Cohen, previously Vice President of the Engineering and Development 
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Chief of Staff: IDF is prepared to respond, tracks developments

Lt. Gen. Benny Gantz said, regarding the Northern front, that "The IDF is prepared, tracking all developments, and ready to act as needed. This statement is not simply a speech — it’s a matter of real operational preparedness” 
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Elbit Systems' DIRCM Solution – Now for Blackhawks

Elbit Systems was awarded a contract to supply helicopter DIRCM systems to an Asian Army. The systems will be implemented on a new platform – the Blackhawk 
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