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 Weekly Commentary:  Netanyahu’s Greatness Revealed in Barak Interview
Dr. Aaron Lerner Date: 15 January 2015

Back when no one besides Israel gave any thought to Iran's nuclear weapons 
program, Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu realized that the only way to 
possibly push the world on the Iran nuke issue was to convince them that 
Israel would act alone if there was no alternative.

And the only way to do this was to actually prepare to attack.

But when Netanyahu sat with the top Israeli security people this was beyond 
their comprehension.

The proof?  The absolutely top senior people later criticized Binyamin 
Netanyahu for spending billions preparing for an attack that was never 
launched, suggesting that if the whole operation was a ruse to convince the 
world we were serious that we should have spent only a fraction of the costs 
associated with full blown preparations.

Dear reader. If you appreciate that the United States of America has the 
intelligence resources to discern if Israel caries out only partial 
preparations then you are apparently more savvy than Israel’s top security 

Now that’s a disturbing thought…..

Back to the preparations.

President Peres objected.

The IDF objected.

The intelligence services objected.

Netanyahu needed an ally.

And his ally was Defense Minister Ehud Barak.

And it was most fortunate and hardly a foregone conclusion.

Because despite his reputation, Ehud Barak’s actual track record on 
strategic thinking has been downright miserable.

Barak couldn’t comprehend why Israel needed a second strike capability and 
thus opposed the purchase of submarines featuring launch tubes that have a 
particularly large diameter so that – “according to foreign reports” - it 
can launch missiles with nuclear warheads.

Ehud Barak also thought it was a fantastic idea to beat an extremely hasty 
retreat from Lebanon and then to follow up by failing to deliver on threats 
of a strong response to attacks emanating from the abandoned security area.

And today this same gentlemen thinks we should carry out a unilateral 
retreat from sections of the West Bank.

But Ehud Barak had it right on Iran.

And Netanyahu need him as an ally.

Which brings us to Ehud Barak’s interview in last Friday’s Haaretz Magazine 

Barak complained that Netanyahu would have him over along with Avigdor 
Liberman every couple of months on Friday at the official residence on 
Balfour Street in Jerusalem where he would lecture the two on the need to 
cut a deal with the Palestinians.  He would talk.  Liberman would just sit 
there.  And at the end of each session Liberman would turn to Netanyahu and 
say “I don’t know how to live with these proposals of Barak” and the session 
would end.

Barak can complain.

I say three cheers for Netanyahu for having had come up with such a simple 
way to placate his critical ally in the campaign to convince the world that 
if it wouldn’t act Israel would.

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