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 [[Dr. Aaron Lerner - IMRA:  There ALREADY is technology to  track F-35s. The only question is when our enemies are equipped with the technology.]
New F-35 Fighters to Join IAF Fleet
(Source: Israel Defense Force; issued Jan 06, 2015)

A new squadron of 19 F-35 jets will be incorporated into the Israeli Air 
Force beginning in 2019 after the decision to purchase another set of planes 
was confirmed by the IAF and government officials. These newly engineered 
fighters are a step up compared to the F-16I, especially with the addition 
of new state-of-the-art stealth technology and avionics.

The Lockheed Martin F-35 is considered one of the most powerful and capable 
airplanes in production. It will become the first low radar signature 
aircraft in use by the IAF, meaning it uses both its airframe and 
electronics to make itself invisible to the enemy’s radar and other 
monitoring devices.

The first purchase of these aircraft was made in 2010 and the first planes 
are expected to land in Israel in 2017. Like any other plane that enters 
into service in the IDF, the F-35 will receive a Hebrew name, “Ha-Adir” (The 

In many ways the F-35 is a modern version of the F-16, already in use by the 
IDF. It was built as a small single-engine aircraft. Ha-Adir is extremely 
effective because of its versatility since it can accomplish any kind of 
mission: from close air support, to all-weather flight capabilities, and of 
course, dogfights both in and beyond visual range.

Better Performing Than the F-16I

Why fifth generation fighter jets? For two main reasons: stealth technology 
and avionics. The stealth technology allows the aircraft to fly practically 
unnoticed by any enemy. For many years, these systems were too expensive to 
be deployed on small aircraft, therefore they could only be used on larger 
and more expensive bombers such as the B-2 or the F-117. The newly developed 
F-35 allows the incorporation of these features at a low maintenance price.

The F-35 is also manufactured with improved electronic systems onboard. 
Sensors including various radars, infrared systems, and active electronic 
warfare systems are all mounted on the aircraft during production. They 
serve as an integral part of the plane and not as “add-ons” which is common 
in other aircraft.

As a result of these improvements, the IAF pilots will receive a more 
precise and complete picture of the battlefield in real-time. It will allow 
them to better position themselves and give them the advantage to come out 
on top of every mission they must face.

(EDITOR’S NOTE:  It is very disappointing to see the Israel Defense Force, 
which over the years has acquired a very flattering reputation for 
operational effectiveness and engineering inventiveness, reduced to spouting 
meaningless marketing-speak.
Yet, it does at least recognize above that the F-35’s “state-of-the-art 
stealth technology” can only make it a “low radar signature aircraft.”)

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