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Multi Culturalism

According to the huffington post
Shooting At Copenhagen Synagogue Leaves 1 Dead, 2 Officers Wounded 
>"Denmark was on high alert after a shooting near a synagogue in Copenhagen left a civilian dead and two police officers wounded early Sunday morning, hours after a gunman fatally shot a man and wounded three police officers at a free speech event in the same city. Combined, the shootings left two dead and five police officers wounded. The second attack, adjacent to a synagogue in the Krystalgade area of Copenhagen, left a male civilian dead, and two officers with wounds to the arms and legs, police said. The wounded officers were receiving treatment. Police spokesman Allan Wadsworth-Hansen said that is was unclear if the attack at the synagogue was related to the attack at the free speech event. The identity of the victim had not been released. Police scoured the city for suspects, and hours after the synagogue attack, Copenhagen police confirmed that they had shot and killed a man near the Nørrebro rail station. Police said that when they confronted
 the man, who was a person of interest, he opened fire and was then shot. No police officers were shot, a statement said. The man's identity and condition were unknown. Police were investigating if he was connected to the attacks. Police had thus far not apprehended a suspect from either shootings, and were uncertain if it was the same perpetrator that had carried out both attacks. The synagogue shooter had fled on foot. Police described the suspect as a male wearing black pants and shoes, along with a gray jacket with a multi-colored portion."
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