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"The World Seeks Inexpensive Precision Munitions" 
Exclusive: on the eve of the year when IMI is to be sold, CEO Avi Felder speaks about the privatization project, a cooperative with Rafael and the lessons derived from Operation "Protective Edge": “Urban wars will continue” 
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Conferences and Events    
24-25.3.2015 - CyberTech 2015
The second CyberTech Conference – the largest cyber conference held outside the USA, bringing together leading multi-national companies, start-ups, private and corporate investors, venture capital firms, experts, clients and many more. 
Open for Registration! Conference Website
3-6.5.2015 - International Ground Forces Conference
Initial schedule is now published! To view click here
The conference will cover the challenges, opportunities, and trends encompassing the modern battlefield. For the first time, special focus will be given to the 2014 IDF Operation "Protective Edge". The conference topics will include lessons-learned from the operation and field case-studies from the senior industry and military officials involved in the operation
Conference Website
29.6-1.7.2015 - International Intelligence & Special Forces ConferenceThe first international conference on intelligence in the Global Jihad Era and the Information Revolution. The conference will serve as a fertile ground for a creative and open discussion on strategic intelligence, both military and commercial, in order to increase the international awareness among policy makers, decision makers and heads of the defense companies focued on the intelligence field
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IDF destroyed a tunnel near Nahal Oz
Cleared for Publication: An IDF force operated to destroy the remnants of a tunnel which was destroyed during Operation Protective Edge 
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“The Subterranean Medium: Part of the Future Battlefield”
“We knew about the effort made by Hamas in the subterranean medium,” says the commander of the 605th battalion of the IDF Combat Engineering Corps. Exclusive interview 
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Opportunities We Have Not Exploited Yet in 2015
The human brains succeed in creating technological innovations at a mind-boggling pace. Israel Rom describes the technologies the defense and security sectors are still reluctant to adopt 
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IAI: Business-Jet based Maritime Patrol Aircraft

Israel Aerospace Industries introduces the new generation ELI-3360 Maritime Patrol Aircraft (MPA) based on a modified Bombardier Global 5000 business-jet platform 
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Sanctions? Iran Reveals New Training Aircraft
The aircraft, designated Saegheh-2 ("Lightning"), was displayed and presented Monday at an official ceremony in Iran. The aircraft is based on the US-made fighter jet F-5 
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Climbing the Walls
Terrorist have taken hostages and are hiding inside of a building. Someone has to rescue them. This is the kind of scenario the elite fighters of the Counter-Terrorism Unit deal with. Here is a rare look into their special training 
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IAI delivered the first replacement wing for the USAF T-3
In a ceremony held at IAI's main campus, the T-38 wing was presented to the DCMA. The ceremony marked IAI's successful completion of the first phase of the T-38 wing program, and the beginning of the serial production phase. Potential orders could reach over 200 sets of T-38 wings  
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Report: Hezbollah planned to assassinate Olmert
The newspaper "Al-Arab Al-Jadeed" quoting sources close to Hezbollah claim that the organization was planning to assassinate former Prime Minister Ehud Olmert in retaliation for the assassination, attributed to Israel, of Imad Mughniyeh in 2008 
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Kaspersky: Info sharing is the key to stability in Cyber

"Real-time sharing of threat information within and between both the private and public sectors would make America better prepared to find, stop and then apprehend the bad guys". Op-ed by Eugene Kaspersky for Forbes 
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