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For the first time, 600 travel agents from India will arrive in Israel for 
the annual Travel Agents Federation of India conference,  at the initiative 
and invitation of the Tourism Ministry.

The potential:
13% year on year increase in outgoing tourism from India
In 2014, 34,900 tourists from India visited Israel

About 71% of Indian tourists base their travel decisions on recommendations 
from local travel agents

Tourism Minister Dr. Uzi Landau:"Outgoing tourism from India, one of the 
world's fastest growing countries, continues to increase. The Tourism 
Ministry identified the potential and has focused its efforts there in order 
to expose Israel to the country's leading tourism professionals.  We see 
great potential in this conference to position Israel as an attractive 
tourism destination for the Indian tourist - similar to the way in which 
Israelis see India as an important tourism destination."

Jerusalem, February 18, 2015 - For the first time in its history, the Travel 
Agents Federation of India will hold its annual conference in Jerusalem next 
week, with the participation of about 600 Indian travel agents and tour 
operators and at the initiative and invitation of the Tourism Ministry. It 
is expected that the conference will lead to an increase in incoming tourism 
from India, where some 71% of people base their travel decisions on the 
advice of their travel agents.

The conference, which will take place at the International Convention Center 
Jerusalem from 22-25 February, includes the participation of 30 exhibitors 
from all branches of the Israeli tourism industry. Conference participants 
will also partake in pre and post FAM tours arranged by the Tourism 

The Tourism Ministry opened its Mumbai office over a year ago, having 
identified the significant potential for incoming tourism to Israel from 
India. The ministry will focus on India as one of its main markets for 
marketing investment. In India, there are approximately 300 million people 
who travel the world and outgoing tourism from India is the fastest growing 
in the world. About a third of Indians prefer to spend their disposable 
income on holidays and touring.

Statistics from the World Travel Organization show that outgoing tourism 
from India has grown by 13% from 2012 to 2013 -  millions of more tourists a 
year. Outgoing tourism from India in 2003 stood at 5.4 million, reached 12.5 
million in 2010 and is expected to reach about 50 million by 2050.

The TAFI conference in Jerusalem next week will include a gala evening with 
the spectacular traditional Indian inauguration ceremony in which lights are 
illuminated to celebrate the victory of the people of light over the people 
of darkness. During the festival days in India, the faithful place ceramic 
lamps and candles on the walls of the temples and on the windows, roofs and 
balconies of private houses; the streets are decorated with streamers of 
lights and there are firework displays. 
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