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Peace talks are a hoax. Would you want to live with barbarians who love killing Jews? These terrorists have been trying for 100 years to destroy Israel. What makes you think that talking to them will change their minds?
Bernard J. Shapiro, Executive Director
Freeman Center For Strategic Studies

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Winston Churchill 
 Secretary of State John Kerry is back in the Middle East this week – the sixth time since February. He's trying to jump-start peace talks, but PLO Chairman Mahmoud Abbas just keeps refusing and running away. 
Israel is doing everything it can to make talks happen. From agreeing to release jailed Palestinian terrorists who have killed innocent Israelis, to supporting programs that bolster Abbas' Palestinian Authority in the West Bank. There's even a de facto freeze on building. 
If Abbas walks away again and Secretary Kerry fails to get sustained peace talksgoing, you'll know who's to blame. 
Join us now by adding your name to our petition. Tell Abbas to sit down and stay at the table: Peace talks make peace.  
It’s critical we show support for Israel by calling on Abbas to negotiate for as long as it takes. We’re providing an outlet for our collective voices. Join us. 
Stand with The Israel Project in calling on Abbas to return to the table immediately and negotiate for peace. 
At The Israel Project, it’s our mission to make sure the world’s media and policymakers get the facts, and understand where the blame falls: on Abbas. 
Prime Minister Netanyahu has proven again and again that Israel is willing to compromise to make peace – but enemies of the Jewish state always seem to try and blame Israel for the state of talks. 
FACT: It’s Abbas who’s drawing the hard line that’s preventing progress. 
With Kerry back in the Middle East, we need thousands to stand with us now to make clear to the world that Abbas’ radical intransigence is the problem. Sign our petition calling on Abbas to take part in negotiations. 
Add your voice with ours. Tell Abbas: It’s time to restart peace negotiations and stay at the table as long as it takes. 
Thank you for standing united for Israel,   
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