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For Zion's sake I will not hold my peace 
and for Jerusalem's sake I will not rest." Isaiah 62.


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"First They Came for the Jews" 
By Pastor Niemoller

First they came for the Jews and I did not speak out because I was not a Jew.

Then they came for the Communists and I did not speak out because I was not a Communist.

Then they came for the trade unionists and I did not speak out because I was not a trade unionist.

Then they came for me and there was no one left to speak out for me. 

The One Jewish State Solution 
"I shall not drive them away in a single year lest the land become desolate… 
little by little shall I drive them away from you, until you become fruitful and 
make the Land your heritage…" Ex 23:29-30 
It is almost 19 years since the infamous Oslo handshake on the White House Lawn. 
Shimon Peres, fool in chief, stated for all the gullible, "No more war, no more terror, no 
more violence… we are beginning a new era of the Middle East.." He was right – a new 
era of willful Jew slaughter was to begin when Israel revitalized a Jew murderer, gave his 
killers weapons and after signing what turned out to be a worthless agreement, Jews 
began to get slaughtered on the streets of Israel while the three not so wise men, Clinton, 
Rabin and Peres looked like those three cartoonish monkeys – one covering his eyes, one 
covering his mouth and one covering his ears… reckless fools leading Israel to the first 
seven years of a Jewish bloodbath. 
The age of premeditated suicide bombers didn’t take 
long to begin for on April 6, 1994 in Afula the first of the bus bombings began. With 
short memories, too many Jews have forgotten the first 600 slaughtered Jews from 1994 
to 2000. Next came the cowardly attempt by the little piano playing, cross dressing, most 
decorated General Ehud Barak who tried desperately to give away 94% of Israel’s 
historical homeland to terrorists - before Ariel Sharon took a stroll on the Temple Mount 
followed by what was" artistically" to be called the second intifada leading to another 
1,000 slaughtered Jews. How many intifadas since 1948 add up to almost 23,000 dead 
Jews in Israel. 
All along the way you could see the flashbulbs popping after more worthless agreements 
were signed and you could hear the despicable spin calling dead Jews "sacrifices for 
peace." Pile up the dead Jews and let the big shots give their trite eulogies filled with 
platitudes telling our people how horrible it is that Jews have to die for peace, and going 
on to the next Kodak photo-op, the next Nobel Peace Prize moment – the next 
confrontation with those who spoke out demanding accountability but the only words 
they got from the machers du’jour was the infantile labeling as "enemies of peace". 
Too many with thick wallets had too much invested to deal with the reality- easier to blame 
those who asked for truth. That these mentally deranged could obscenely accuse fellow 
Jews who were asking obvious questions as Jews were blown up on buses, blown up at 
seders, blown up at discotheques and pizza parlors, to look at the bloody reality. These 
peace pimps, in truth, were the real enemies of peace. So sure were they that peace was at 
hand, so invested in the charade they refused to see the joy in the eyes of the murderers, 
or listen to the words of the Arafatian inciters. They refused to read the school books 
filled with hatred as the next generation was being educated on vile lies and blessed 
martyrdom, virgins and sainthood for Jew killing. The arrogant peace mongers, the 
ignorant purveyors of perversity, those that refused to acknowledge they were wrong 
refused to see that this was a war not peace – they, the disgusting peace pimps – shrouded 
in shame refused to admit they were wrong. 
Not long ago I heard a Rabbi in the middle of his sermon say "… we of the peace 
camp…" Can you imagine that after almost 1700 dead Jews that this ignoramus was still 
stuck on "… we of the peace camp…" I laughed out loud and he was infuriated. What he 
should have said for the assembled was, "We of the peace camp have come to 
apologize and beg the families of the Jewish victims for forgiveness" – but even 
today there are some that have yet to give up their delusions. This Rabbi of the "peace 
camp" is now safely in Chicago while his former home of Ashkelon is being bombed 
with Hamastan "peace camp" missiles and the children of Ashkelon and S’derot scurry 
into concrete bunkers on a daily basis. 
It is time to face the reality, stop the insanity of blaming Israel for the failure of Oslo and 
the other worthless agreements. Its time to stop all the lies. Oslo never was about peace. 
It was about a lie tailored for the gullible. Even the lawyer who meticulously wrote the 
original agreements that Rabin and Arafat signed – a leftist in every bone in his body, 
Joel Singer, a Jew- boy doing his duty, realized shortly after the signing it was all a lie. 
But in a way I believe that Israel and Jews had to go thru another deadly exercise to 
understand with no excuses of political correctness the reality and power of the Arab 
dream of the destruction of Israel. Has the world changed that much since the 1930’s? 
Read today of anti-Semitism in Europe. Pick a country… England, France, 
Belgium…Jewish cemeteries are desecrated in Poland, a country of few if any Jews and 
yes the leaders do their perfunctory apology but have the people changed. 
If there was a vote today in the United Nations for a Jewish state is there any doubt of the outcome. But today there is a difference… today there is no British White Paper to stop 
immigration...today we have a Jewish State and, although today there is still the lunatic 
fringe out there, most normal Jews, even the 6% of the looney left who still religiously 
read Ha’aretz… realize that a two state solution is nothing more than an invitation to 
national suicide. Never Again must be engraved in our historic communal memory. 
In 1938 the noted historian John Gunther wrote: "The concrete achievements of 
Zionism have been considerable… I have watched the immigrants come in at Jaffa on 
boats like troop ships from the ghettos of Lemberg and Czernowitz and Prague. No 
they were not handsome, vigorous young men. No, they were not led by any apparent 
inward fire. Instead they were wretchedly dressed and miserably poor… they looked 
like refugees from the slums. But a few years later I saw these same people tilling the 
soil, carving a livelihood out of the dusty rock of the Jordan hills – upright, alert, selfsufficient, 
with pride in their work and pride in themselves… the transformation was 
all but unbelievable… they had transformed the land (but the reality was), the Land 
had transformed them." John Gunther, Inside Asia, p 548 
For 2,000 years the Land refused all who came and remained desolate waiting for a 
covenantal pledge to be redeemed and as the pioneers returned their love affair with the 
Land was reignited. 1948 was the first step, and in 1967 our people were reunited with 
our Biblical homeland. The lands of Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Sarah, Rebecca, Leah and 
Rachel… of Joshua and Caleb… the Land of our Torah. The Moabites, the Hitites, Titus 
and the Roman Empire are gone. Our people are back! Oslo was a lie and now it’s time to 
dispel another lie. There is no and never was an Arab demographic problem. 
Secular leftists in their hatred of anything remotely attesting to the religious over the 
years colluded with the Arabs to create what they believed to be a noble lie. It almost 
seemed logical. Falsely concerned as they were for the democratic values of Israel, the lie 
they cloaked themselves with was of the" Arab demographic problem". For over thirty 
years they shouted that Israel will no longer be a democratic state if Israel kept the 
territories for democracy had become the supreme Jewish value for them. But they were 
wrong. I don’t recall a vote for King David or for Moses, but I do remember "… you 
shall not follow a majority to do evil…" And there is an important story about twelve 
spies, leaders of each of the twelve tribes, who went into the Land and while ten came 
back with an evil report… two came back with a report that the Land was a good Land of 
milk and honey… and G-d sided with these two! 
The secular left has many a false god and the Arab demographic argument for giving up 
our Biblical homeland is one of the most specious. Over the last seven years a thorough 
study by Israeli and American demographers has been done regarding the real 
demographics from "the river to the sea". Today there are almost 8 million Israeli 
citizens from "the river to the sea"… 6.4million Jews according to Dr. Steven 
Cohen, famed demographer (which includes slightly over 300,000 Russians that 
have not yet been certified as Kosher and which the Israeli government labels 
others)and 1.5 million Israeli Arabs. In the West Bank there are another 1.4 million 
Arabs, formerly citizens of Jordan, for a total Arab population from "the river to the sea" 
of almost 3.0 million - do the math. Today there is a 67% majority of Jews to Arabs 
from "the river to the sea". It is projected that by the year 2025, there will be an 80% 
Jewish majority from "the river to the sea". "Little by little I shall drive them away from 
you, until you become fruitful and make the land your heritage".While the Jewish 
population in the Diaspora is shrinking, the Jews in Israel are becoming fruitful and 
The Palestinian Central Bureau of Statistics (PCBS) agrees with the 1.5M Israeli Arabs 
per their recent population study of December, 2011. They can’t fudge those numbers 
since they come from the Israeli Bureau of Statistics. The largest discrepancy comes from 
the Arabs living in Judea/Samaria aka the West Bank. The head of the PCBS, Hassan 
Abu Libdeh told the New York Times on December 11, 1997 that "… the census is a 
civil intifada…" which works on two levels. First by increasing the numbers of 
Palestinian Arabs in Judea/ Samaria it enables the Palestinian Authority to rob the 
American tax payers because American assistance is based on the population numbers 
they give to the various U. S. government agencies. More people, more money… it’s 
logical but the inflated numbers are also propaganda used against Israel which the secular 
leftists have been using for their democratic rationale to give up the communities of 
Judea/Samaria. Lies are not beyond the Arab psyche. It is part of their culture but at least 
their noble lie is to get more money – the noble lie for the secular left is their intolerant 
hatred of their fellow Jew not just because of where they live but because of their 
perceived religiosity, yet ironically, over 60% of the Jews who live in Judea/Samaria are 
The secular left was willing to lie about Oslo and it cost Israel in Jewish 
lives. Knowing no shame, they have been willing to lie to try to rid themselves of their 
It is written: "… little by little… until you become fruitful and make the Land your 
heritage…"In 2010, 75.8% of all babies born in Israel were Jewish – only 20.6% were 
Muslim (Haaretz, 4/24/12). In 2011, again for the fourth year in a row, there was a record 
number of Jewish baby births of over 127,000 to just slightly over 30,000 Muslim baby 
births. Today over 340,000 Jews live in Judea/Samaria with another 60,000 Jews 
attending religious boarding schools (Ynet, Sever Plocker, 5/1/12) for a total of over 
400,000 Jews in Judea/Samaria and growing. There is no demographic problem unless of 
course one believes that Jewish babies are not in the best interests of Israel. 
To those on 
the Diaspora left and the elitists of Tel Aviv and Herzeliya, I would like to remind them 
we have 6 million to make up for and if the world doesn’t like it, it won’t be the first 
time. As the Diaspora population shrinks, Israel is the only place on the planet where the 
Jewish population is growing, and as it grows it will need more housing and housing 
needs land. The Muslims of the world have 11 million square miles; and of that twentytwo 
Arab states have over 5.5 million square miles. The Muslims and Arabs won’t miss 
the tiny .0006 of land in Judea/Samaria (3600 square miles), our historic Jewish 
homeland. Today. I’ve been told that over 85% of Israelis have a seder and 78% light 
Shabbat candles. Not so in America. It is clear that Israel and Diaspora Jewry are at this 
moment in history on different paths to the future. The future for Israel is to have the 
determination to declare a One Jewish State Solution from" the river to the sea", and 
for Diaspora Jewry to appreciate the profound importance of the Land of our Torah…a 
land given to our people in an eternal covenant long ago…A Land that flows with milk 
and honey, with computer chips and lots of Jewish babies mixed together with love. 
Shabbat Shalom 
Jack "Yehoshua" Berger

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