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Ari & Jeremy,
Your best video yet. Mazal Tov!
[Freeman Center Note: To all our subscribers: Please donate as much as you can to the educational and importantant work of Ari and Jeremy. Please watch video and distribute widely.......Bernard

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Subject: Watch Now: Blueprint 2012 - Prophecy in Motion!
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Shalom Friends, 

With the overwhelming success of our last two videos about the Iranian situation topping over 4 million views on YouTube, we've released on more video about the challenge posed by our Persian neighbors. In this video we looked at recent developments through more of a Biblical prism, a perspective informed by the visionary words of the Prophets of Israel. 

For the first time, thanks to the support of some dear friends in Colorado, we've added Hebrew subtitles in order to reach an even larger audience here in Israel. 

To Watch Blueprint 2012 - Prophecy Unfolding Click Here. 

To watch on your iPad, iPhone or tablet Click Here. 

NOW MORE THAN EVER, HELP US SPREAD THIS MESSAGE. Everything we do is made possible by the people around the world who support our work here in Israel. If you would like to become a Partner by donating a few dollars a month to The Land of Israel.com please Click Here. 

We can't thank you enough for your support. You share in the merit of everything we do. 

We would like to thank our friend Sondra Baras from Samaria and her organization, CFOIC, for helping make this video possible. If you are a Christian friend of Israel and want to know more about Biblical Israel please Click Here. 

The messages of our prophets are more important now, in our days, than ever before. Please help us spread this message by forwarding this video to your friends. 

Shalom from your friends in Jerusalem, 

Ari & Jeremy 

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