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By Gail Meir, 
Freeman Center Mid East Analyst & Commentator

         As you read the following, wherein nations are gathering (again) to bond with radical Islamists whose sole purpose is to eliminate world Jewry along with whatever remains of a Christianity.  One observes a Rolling Horizon as Islam aims to turn the world into a War Planet.
         Anything that is good about humanity is being smashed in order to bring Islam to dominate all mankind under the banner of a Global Caliphate under strict Muslim Sharia Law.   They have declared that their goal is to conquer all others, to enslave all peoples to worship a pagan god Zin who morphed into Allah.  
         Islam is creeping along, spreading violence, inciting young men and women to murder – not promoting values good for humanitarian causes.   Radical Muslims feed off of those whom they conquer as do most parasites.  When the host victim is finally consumed, then they move on to their next victim/country.  They are only restrained when their intended victim(s) exhibits a strong anti-immune system which quickly moves to kill all attacking invaders.
         Invading viruses and parasites recognize and fear a victim whose defenses are up and strong.  Nations, like people, make themselves available and vulnerable victims when they accept the savagery that accompanies such attackers as Muslim “Jihadists”.  
         In our time, many of the world’s nations were slow to resist Adolph Hitler and simply accepted his attack on the world as ‘something to be endured, hoping that the disease would eventually die out and life could continue as it once was.  But, the world discovered that the disease of Hitler wasn’t going away as he and his henchmen Nazis gathered themselves up and fought until the parasite was killed.  Sadly, in the process of WW2, 50 million people were slaughtered in the process of the War.  However, the 6 million Jews were massacred because they were Jews.
         Today we observe Christianity accepting being driven into oblivion, led by clergy who no longer believe in themselves or in their Church.  Instead they try to appease Islam by joining them in attacking the Jewish State.  Instead of pacifying the Muslims in their show of weakness, the Christians find themselves being driven out of every Arab/Muslim-dominated Middle East nation.  The Muslims see that they have the whip hand and are lashing the Christians, driving them out of Muslim nations and cities.
         Strangely, the only safe place for Christians in the Middle East is the Jewish Nation/State of Israel.  Christians in Israel are protected in daily life and under the law.  The Church and world Christianity have yet to acknowledge that Christians are under Jewish protection from marauding Arab Muslims.  
         But, even in Jerusalem, Bethlehem and other areas where Arab Muslims are allowed to live, they try and often succeed in making life miserable for Christians, resulting in a Christian abandonment of their homes and churches.  
         If Israel sends in troops to stop the attacks by Muslims against Christians, how the world howls its rage!
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