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Muslim Father Brutally Murders His 16-Year-Old Daughter in Muslim 'Honor' Killing 

Even our words are violated and debased. Nothing is sacred. Our words, our art, our women, our music, our culture, our freedom, our civilization. "Honor" ...... bow down, infidels. Bow down, you weak, simpering, lily-livered cowards.
Thanks to Norman for the translation ............
Police knew about abuse by father 

Svera was frank: "I'm afraid of my father. He beats me." But for the authorities it wasn't clear enough. 

16 year old Svera R. from Zurich-Hongg: A strong person who wanted to live her life- without the bonds of the strict muslim faith which stood above everything for her father. On Monday he killed his fistborn child with an axe. Then he surrendered to the police. 

Svera's friends are under shock. And they're in anger: "Svera was a poor girl. In the family there was a lot of confrontation. 

Heated arguments", says Daniel A. (20) to BLICK. He lives in the community Rutihof next to family R. "Often the father was beating her so severely that we could see the bruises. She attended school in that condition." In 2007 the school filed a notion/alarm concerning the four kids who received Swiss citizenship. They got a social worker and an Egyptian counselor/mediator.   

"Nonetheless, police and ambulance showed up several times", says Daniel A. "Last time I noticed was two weeks ago, when the father had a heart attack." 

That incident was confirmed by Marco Cortesi, spokesman of the police in Zurich. "Scheragha R. was brought into hospital by an ambulance." It was the second time the police got involved with family R. "Three weeks ago we were called for the first time" according to Cortesi. "Svera ran away. Very soon we located her at her boy-friend's home. On the phone she told an officer that things aren't all right at home any longer. That her father beats her and that she is afraid of him." 

What does the police do with these information? "We offered her to visit the police station and provide a testimony- or move to a shelter. She didn't do either. That's why the charge of abuse wasn't investigated any further. This is standard procedure", says Cortesi. 

The family counselor arranged a mediation between father and daughter. Svera spent a night at her parents' home but then ran away to her boy-friend. 

"The third deployment in that case occurred on Monday when Svera and a friend of hers were caught stealing", says Cortesi. "We informed the parents." And Svera? "She said it was ok with her- but she would run away from home instantly." 

But why were these cries for help not being paid attention to? Cortesi explains: "She didn't go to the police station in order to provide a testimony, nor did she contact a shelter. That way a case like this does not get on record." 

At the Guardianship Authority (I guess: Guardian ad litem) of the city of Zurich father's R. beatings were never an issue. 
Spokesman Martin Naef (39): "There were no indications of massive use of violence. It seems like it wasn't more than  skirmishes/fisticuffs and arguments/conflicts." Moreover, family R. had been in care/coached intensively. Naef: "We were under the impression that tension had been in decline since 2007." During the last weeks the family counselor increased visits to the family even more. 

Tragic: A meeting with Svera, coaches and family counselor was scheduled for Tuesday morning. Naef: "It was planned to talk about the situation at home and assistance/care." Too late. Svera is dead. 

Drama in apartment building in Zurich-Hongg: Father (51) kills his daughter (16) 

Zurich: Did it happen due her make-up or indecent clothing? Pakistani from Zurich kills his daughter in midst of conflict. 

Yesterday a 16 year old teenager was killed by her own father. According to the Department of public prosecution the 51 year old Pakistani Scheragha R.called the police around 20.30. 

Perpetrator arrested 

The man said the had just killed his daughter Svera in the appartment and was staying at a bus station where he was arrested without resistance. 

Police had to smash a window in order to get access to the apartment. There Svera was found dead. Except the victim nobody was present there. 

Police and public prosecuter assume that Svera was killed with an object (ie mechanically). More detailled information on the weapon involved were not available thus far. 

Caught stealing 

Accordning to the public prosecuter Scheragha R. said he had struck her in the midst of a heavy clash. Further information are due to ongoing investigation. 

Did it play a role that Svera was caught stealing in a store? Offical Marco Cortesi confirmed the offense according to "TeleZuri". Wether that was the reason for the crime of Scheragha R. cannot be said right now. 

During conflict tempers went up 

According to an official of the association responsible for the Rutihofstrasse (I guess the place they live) the family had four kids: three girls and one boy. The neighbor's daughter Elif Gencer (18) knows family R. und used to take care of the boy occasionally. "The father is a calm person and used to cook for the family." The mother was wearing a traditional headscarf, being a calm person as well." 
Sometimes conflicts appeared, then tempers used to go up. 

Father in rage due to dressed up daughter? 

According to teenagers from the neighborhood Svera was often wearing make up, clothed indecently and rebelled against her 
home. Did that make her father freak out? 

Neighbor Elif: "I'm completely shocked. When I heard the screaming last night my father went to see what's going on. Then he met a relative of family R., who got a phone call from Svera's mother saying her husband had killed the daughter. 

Neighboors: Family has counselor/mediator 

Seemingly, several things went wrong in the family: Visitors of the supermarket say Svera already ran away from home, moreover the family gets assistance from a counselor/mediator. 

Did domestic violence occur already before the crime happened? A few days ago Ambulance and police supposedly showed up in the neighborhood. 



Family/domestic Drama in Hoengg (suburb of Zurich): Students mourn Svera (victim of murder) 

Zurich- Youths of the Riedtli school are under shock. Nobody's able to comprehend why Svery R. had to die. Killed by her own father. 

Brown and friendly eyes look into the camera, her hair are covering the forehead and a gentle smile adorns her face. It is Svera R. (16 years) from Hongg/Zurich. On Monday evening (I guess Monday, May 10th 2010) the student was brutally slayed by her own father Scherangha using an axe. 

The family drama took place in a quiet neighborhood in the West of Zurich. Svera used to live there together with her parents and her three brothers and sisters. Up until three weeks, when she ran away from home and hid at the home of her new boy-friend Louis. 

"The two hadn't been a couple for longer than four weeks", a schoolmate told BLICK (Swiss newsmagazine). "Svera started to move to his home immediately." The devout parents were not thrilled with the oldest daugher's new love. "Since they were a couple even more trouble than normally took place at home", said her boy-friend (Louis). 

"She used to bring along candy" 

Since then Svera didn't get to see her family often. Up until that tragic Monday afternoon, when her father picked her up from the police station after Svera stole something from a store. An hour later the 16 year old was dead. 

Her schoolmates from the Riedtli school can't explain the terrible incident. They are shocked. "I can't believe she is no longer going to appear at school", said a schoolmate to Blick.ch. 
"Svera used to bring along candy at morning and handed them around. She was such a caring person. And she loved her brothers and sisters. She used to pay attention to her younger sister and cooked for her. She is going to leave a big gap." 

Poem for Svera 

In the school pictures showing face are attached. Flowers right aside, candles lit as well. "Today we wrote a poem for Svera. Everyone added something", said a long standing friend. "It helps coping with the pain. In the poem it reads: "No one is asked whether he is ready to say farewell. Now the time has come to say goodbye. The death leaves us back in scariness." 

Especially when your own father is the killer. An honor killing because with her Western lifestyle, teenage rebellion and new 
boy-friend Svera brought shame upon the family? The only way her friends can explain the act: "Her father must have had a sudden black out."    




The headscarf homocide of Zurich-Hongg: Svera's boy-friend not allowed to attend funeral 

Both teenagers were in love with each other. Saying goodbye to his Svera is not allowed for Louis. 

Svera R. (16) from Zurich-Hongg und Louis F. (18) from Zurich-Albisrieden were a couple. On Monday last week their fortune 
was crushed brutally. Svera's father, the Pakistani Scheragha R. (51), killed his daughter at home at the community Rutihof 
with an axe. He couldn't handle her makeup, unwillingness to wear the veil and her boy-friend. 

Yersterday Svera's body was said to be released from the forensic medicine. The Egyptian family counselor Hamdy E., who has 
been assisting the family for two years visited her body the same day. He told it to one of Svera's friends. Along with the family he prepared everything necessary for the funeral. 

He wasn't willing to tell the friend when the funeral was scheduled. He merely revealed that is scheduled untill Friday.   

Svera's boy-friend Louis is not welcome. "Nobody called my phone, not to mention that I wasn't told when the funeral was scheduled", says the 18 year old sorrowfully to BLICK. Louis is despaired: "I didn't get the chance to say goodbye to Svera. 

She was ripped out of my life suddenly." 
Svera's mother was in opposition to Louis. "She never accepted me as her boy-friend, because I'm a Christian" says the 18 year old. I have lost my dream girl. I don't know how to cope with the situation if I don't get the chance to say goodbye to Svera." 

For Louis the tragic death of his girl-friend is inconceivable. "There are still all her belongings in my room. To put them away will break my heart. For me Svera is still present." 

Family counselor Hamdy E. is not willing to give any information to BLICK: "I'm not allowed to say anything to you. Why don't you ask the social Department?", that is what he says with accent on the phone. BLICK likes to kow Why he didn't show up for the scheduled meeting with Svera and Louis two weeks ago. "As I already said, I'm not allowed to say anything." Hamdy E. hung up. 

A typical reaction in the homocide case of Svera R. Responsibilities are pushed around from one place to another.   
Nobody likes to admit that the long lasting suffering of this young Swiss lady was known. 



Now Svera's boy-friend speaks out: "Svera's mother was against me because I'm a Christian" 

The death of Svera (16) is still rocking the Switzerland. Her father (51, Pakistani) killed her with an axe because of her makeup and unwillingness to wear the veil. Now Svera's boy-friend Louis (18) speaks out. He talks about the girl's last few days and hours. 

Svera R. (16) close to her boy-friend. A moment of intimacy, her closed eyes are an expression of happiness. The last picture of the young couple recorded only few days before Svera's death. 

The student from Zurich was killed with an axe by her own father. The devout Pakistani Scheragha R. (51) punished his daugher with death on Monday evening and called the police afterwards. 

The day Svera died is the first day she returned home after a while. Three weeks ago she lived with her new boy-friend Louis F. (18). BLICK managed to find Louis. The 18 year old from Zurich-Albisrieden says Svera fought for her life as a free individual in a free country- and lost. "I loved Svera more than anything. Now she's gone, simply gone. I can't comprehend it yet", says Louis. 

Svera didn't have an easy life at home. She said: "My mother hates me and my father beats me"", says Louis. I was at their home and wanted to talk to Svera's mother in order to introduce myself. She is the real boss of the family, everybody performes as she wishes. Even Svera's father, he does whatever his wife tells him." 

But the 18 year old boy is not welcome. "Because I'm a Christian the mother didn't accept me on Svera's side. As punishment for having a non-Muslim boy-friend Svera was locked up in the bathroom by her mother for several nights. She wanted to ban our contact, by all means." Svera showed resistence and ran away towards Louis, knowing full well that it would increase trouble with her parents. "She gave everything for her love", says Betül E. (18) from Bern who is a close friend of the young couple. "At Louis' place she felt save. There she was at home." 

However, Svera is a minor. Her father filed/announced her as missed. "We've spent several times talking to the police on the phone", according to Louis. "Svera explained to them why she ran away. She mentioned the fact that she was beaten and afraid of her family." 

The officer didn't take her cry for help serious. "He kept saying that Svera needs to contact her family and counselor." 
Svera and each of her three sisters and brother had a councelor/assistence since 2007. "This is what we've decided to do", 
says Louis. "Svera even went back home to take part in a mediation, but on the same evening she had returned back to my place. "She said it simlpy didn't work." 

Svera desperately turned to the official family counselor, an Egyptian. Betül: "Two weeks ago we made an appointment with him- Louis and I planned to attend. However, the guy didn't show up. We'd been waiting for him in the rain for more than an hour." The family counselor himself is a devout Muslim. 

Louis continues: "Then we decided to go to a shelter in Zurich." But it was closed until July- for reconstruction purposes. 
The teenagers searched for help on the phone: "An employee told us that it would take at least one week until he could help us- due to the registration process." One week for registration, time Svera didn't have. Neither for registration, nor for life. 

Louis is angry and stunned: "Isn't it the purpose of a shelter to provide help instantly?" The 18 year old is nervously touching his necklace. It presents one half of a heart. "Svera gave it to me. The second half is with her." 

Wasn't the police able to offer help? Louis: "No, they didn't offer us the shelter." Marco Cortesi, spokesman of the local police claimed: "We offered Svera to attend the police station in order to provide a testimony or move to a shelter. She didn't do neither nor. That's why charges of abuse weren't investigated further. This is standard procedure."   

The death of a student who was a Swiss citizen and wanted to live as such- standard procedure. 

The 16 year old decided to stay with Louis, moving back home was not an option. "To live with a Christian was a violation of honor for Svera's parents", explains Louis. Svera didn't get to see her mother any longer, but she visited her father in the hospital. Two weeks ago he suffered from a heart attack and she loved her father even though he abused her. 

Last Monday Svera got caught stealing a few packs of cigarettes with one of her friends. "The police took Svera to the police station", according to Louis. Despite Svera's begging to call the family couselor the police called her parents. 

A few hours later Svera was dead. Louis: "At 19:30 she chatted with a friend of her and scheduled a meeting at the train station later that evening. She didn't mention a word about a clash in the family." Svera never arrived at the train station. 

At 20:30 her father called the police stating that he killed his daughter. 

Louis: "I'd really like to know where the mother was at that point in time." A neighbor saw the mother leaving the neighborhood Rutihof around 20:00 with two of her children carrying a prayer book. Did she have an idea of what would happen at home? Did she plan to pray for Svera? 

Louis didn't get noticed before next morning. "For me it was like the world had come to an end. I cryed for hours. 
I'm unbelievably angered because of Svera's parents. How can you do something cruel like that to your own child? Svera always tried to make things right and please everybody. When she meet with her family counselor or her father she intentionally wore wide jeans to avoid trouble. Svera and I loved spending time at home, watching DVDs and talking with each other. She wasn't a party girl. She simply wanted to live and be happy." 

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