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Ynet.com-May 12, 2010
IDF scattering sensitive equipment stores

Head of army's logistics division says in order to disrupt enemy's ability to target stockpiles of weapons, fuel and food one has to scatter them in number of locations 
Hanan Greenberg

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The IDF has recently begun scattering its stores of sensitive military equipment as part of a new defense concept aiming to protect the military hinterland from rocket and missile attacks, Brigadier General Nissim Peretz, commander of the military's logistics division said on Wednesday. 

Peretz said that the IDF has been performing wide-scale works over the past two years to examine the best way to protect its military equipment in the event of an attack. The equipment includes ammunitions, weapons, fuel, food, spare parts and other equipment meant to serve the army at a time of war. 

The findings, which were recently presented to IDF Chief of Staff Lieutenant-General Gabi Ashkenazi, revealed that one can disrupt the enemy's ability of targeting the equipment by scattering it in various locations, instead of creating means of protection. 

During a conference at the Institute for National Security Studies, Peretz said that the logistical challenge lies in achieving consecutiveness in warfare while providing the IDF with all means necessary even when its under attack. 


The senior commander stated that fortification wasn't the ultimate solution and explained that the new concept has encouraged the IDF to examine its various stockpiles, classify and scatter them in various locations in order to prevent the enemy from targeting the equipment. 
"Our efficiency suffers slightly in such a state, since not all means are in the same place, but they are better protected and enable the force in the forefront to achieve its objectives without compromising its means," he said. 

Peretz also stated that it has been decided to designate certain spots as alternatives for military facilities, thereby enabling operations to continue in case the facilities are compromised. 

The IDF is slated to hold a first-of-its-kind conference regarding protection of military hinterland next week. 
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