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by David Basch

    "To spell this out more clearly so that even liberal Jews can
    understand the nature of this pattern, the act of taking what
    belongs to one person, who had never practiced discrimination
    against minorities for the purpose of giving his belongings
    to another person that had never been discriminated against,
    is in fact an act of injustice...."

As has been observed before, never force Jews to choose between doing
what they think is a deed of higher morality and being self-serving.
There is no contest. Jews, or at least 78% of them that voted for
Obama, would choose what they think is higher morality rather than
show themselves self-serving.

Among the many things that are wrong with such pathological behavior
is that what this majority of Jews choose to adopt is that which the
liberal powers define as "higher morality." For example, since these
liberal elites define such things as "affirmative action" -- action
taken to undeservedly advantage selected minorities at the expense of
those who had deserved those advantages -- then Jews show up at the
forefront of such unjust action that, ironically, all too often turns
out to be unjust to Jews.

To spell this out more clearly so that even liberal Jews can
understand the nature of this pattern, the act of taking what belongs
to one person, who never practiced discrimination against minorities to
give his belongings to another person that had never been
discriminated against, is in fact an act of injustice. Justice, of
course, being "the rendering of what is due its owner to its owner"
and injustice being "the failure to render such due to its owner."
Justice has nothing to do with the overrated, so-called ideal of
equality but only applies to that which is due to owners and in which
resides the practice of justice.

Of course, many specious rationalizations are given for the unjust
behavior of "affirmative action." One of these is that it has
something to do with the historic suffering of certain unfortunates,
unfortunates selectively chosen since history gives many examples of
historic injustices that are never compensated, with descendants of
such victims most usually expected to forget it and carry on despite
it. But when the elite powers today designate what is to be referred
to as an historic victim population, watch out. Sure enough, others,
innocent bystanders, will be extorted to compensate for the injustice
to them.

How is it that Jews show up at the forefront of such "affirmative"
unjust behavior that all too often victimizes other Jews? The answer
seems to be that being identified as being high-mindedly moral as
defined by the liberal elite -- like the pundits of the NY Times, CBS,
NBC, ABC, etc -- is too great a psychological obsession to be
resisted them. Such a manifestation actually reveals deep
psychological vulnerabilities, chief of which, I would wager, is a
form of the unbearable fears that give birth to what is called the
Stockholm Syndrome. This name came from an event in which kidnapped
hostages in Stockholm, when finally rescued, were found to have
embraced the views of their captors, having actually incorporated the
views of the feared and hated hostage takers as part of their own
mental workings. Thus, Jews anticipating feared attacks on them from
the outward society, like the hostages of Stockholm, take on the views
of those in the outward society they fear. It is a painless, automatic
process and those victim to it do not even realize they have been
affected, thinking that their horrid views are their own and have been
arrived at freely.

Unfortunately, this way of feeling and thinking exhibited by many Jews
has exploited by unscrupulous elites as a weapon against Israel. The
unscrupulous elites choose to define the Arab residents of the Mandate
of Palestine as the legitimate owners of the lands of the Mandate
despite the fact that the League of Nations, who was the legitimate
authority governing these lands and who created and defined the
boundaries of many of today's Arab states, had lawfully set aside
those lands for a homeland for the Jewish people.

As a result, Arab residents of the Mandate of Palestine become the
aggrieved party of injustice, needing to be rescued by the practice of
a program of what is actually affirmative injustice. As a result,
Israel has progressively and unjustly become delegitimated as the
rightful owner of her own lands and is pressured to cede her lands to
those who have no valid claim to them, except that the latter make war
to demand such rights and are supported by powerful allies. This is
the kind of international "affirmative action" to which the 78% of
Jews subscribe. They do so because, here again, it enables them to
indulge their compulsion to pose to themselves and to the world as
"high-minded moral" paragons, adopting the feared enemy's views as
their own and quite willing to accept Arab robbery of the lands that
had been set aside for and owned by the Jews.

Notice that this practice is an article of faith today for the Reform
and Conservative movements of Judaism, who had already made
"affirmative action" central to their corrupted sense of justice, and
who have since gone on to raise the ante by making "affirmative
international injustice" central to their practice of an illusory
"high-morality" within the international sphere a part of their
personal self-image and of their "religious" practice.

Finally, given this habit of soul -- a compulsion to pose as moral
paragons that others, clear sighted, rightly see as a form of suicidal
lunacy -- afflicts 78% of the Obama Jews. These Jews, like moths to
the flame and the manifestation of a similarly knee jerk reaction, are
compelled to demonstrate their alleged high-mindedness in the support
of a U.S. presidential candidate from a down-trodden Afro-American
race and past victim of discrimination. They had better do so for
otherwise the painful deep down fear of a hostile world becomes
apparent to them.

Hence, this compulsion must be reflexively exercised. It allays their
fear and, in return, offers them the transcendent feeling of being
high-mindedly moral. This behavior overrides the fact that that
Afro-American candidate had shown by his past behavior and
associations that he is against the Jewish State, Israel, and a
supporter of Arabs who claim to be the true owners of the lands of the
Mandate of Palestine that had been lawfully set aside by the nations
of the world through the League of Nations for the Jewish people.

Now that this Afro-American leader, Obama, that these Jews helped
elect is openly engaged in carrying out his agenda of winning over the
Muslim world by ceding to them the prize they have been seeking in
keeping the Middle East free of a non Muslim state -- that is,
unjustly taking what historically belongs to the Jewish people to give
it to those who have no claim to it -- it will soon become apparent
how strong are these psychological forces on this 78% of Jews. Will it
affect their allegiance to Obama? Will it be found that even when the
enemy knife is at their own Jewish necks, this 78% of Jews will
continue to indulge their self-image as paragons of high morality, a
compulsion born of deep fear?

Or will the dangers foisted by Obama in surrendering to forces within
the Muslim world, such as an emerging nuclear Iran, that is a danger
to the strategic interests of the West and to the U.S., force a
reintegration of these Jews to side with the U.S., the West and
Israel? Or will these Jews be seen as practicing a dual loyalty,
conflicting loyalties between Obama and the U.S., and choosing loyalty
to Obama rather than to the interests of the U.S, and the West?

For shame.

David Basch is an architect and city planner in New York as well as the Freeman Center's political philosopher. Basch is also an expert on Shakespeare and the author of the book, The Hidden Shakespeare, which proves through talmudic and other Jewish sources that Shakespeare was in fact Jewish. Articles by Basch:  http://www.freeman.org/m_online/bascha.htm
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