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IDF Kills Long-Wanted Terrorist Murderer in Hevron

Iyar 12, 5770, 26 April 10 09:50by Hillel Fendel

(Israelnationalnews.com) Israeli forces killed a terrorist this morning who had been wanted for six years for murdering an Israeli policeman. They then razed the building in which he was hiding.
The incident, a joint Shabak-Border Guard-IDF operation, began around 7:30 this morning (Monday) in the Beit Awa neighborhood near Hevron. The forces surrounded the house in which the terrorist was hiding, and called on him to surrender. The terrorist refused and opened fire on the forces, and in the ensuring exchange of fire, the terrorist was killed – and the forces then destroyed the building.
The dead terrorist, Ali Ahmed Switi, had been wanted for exactly six years for having murdered Border Guard policeman Yaniv Mashiach, 20, of Jaffa, and wounding two of his colleagues. The incident occurred near Hevron on April 25, 2004, just an hour after the beginning of Memorial Day for Israel's fallen soldiers, when their vehicle was shot at.

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