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by Emanuel A. Winston, 
Freeman Center Middle East Analyst & Commentator 

The nations recognize the uniqueness of the Jewish Nation/State and are certain that, if they add Israel to their holdings, then they too will have the One Elusive G-d to add to their gods, idols and earthly invincibility. The most primitive of conquerors believed that, IF they defeated and conquered their enemy, the G-d of the conquered could be added to their own, making them invincible. 

Even those who practiced cannibalism believed that by consuming the enemy, all their victims’ gods and victories will pass into their bodies.
Recall how Rome plundered the Temple of Solomon, looting even the giant candelabra (the Golden Menorah) made at the precise instructions by G-d of the Jews.

They stole it and all the golden and silver priestly serving vessels that were used in holy ceremonies for worshiping the One G-d. Did it do Rome and now the Vatican so much good to hold these irreplaceable symbols of the Jewish G-d? Was G-d now supposed to be locked up in the vaults of the Vatican, enslaved to the desires of the Church? I think not!

We watch as a non-people who named themselves "Palestinians", wish to create a fiction of history for themselves by demanding the ownership of the Holy of Holies within all of Jerusalem. Like the conquerors before them, they will not own the holy ground nor even the stones. They have tried to claim the G-d of the Jews is merely Muslim and, therefore, can claim whatever was deeded to the Jews by G-d.

Whatever a Jew touches or walks upon must be imbued with the spirit of their G-d so that when conquerors capture the bricks and mortar of their conquest, according to the G-d of Abraham, Isaac, Jacob - Jerusalem, the Holy City of the Jews, merely slips through their fingers - like sand.
You have to ask yourself: Will or have governments acted in inefficient self-interest?
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