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by Emanuel A. Winston, 
Freeman Center Middle East Analyst & Commentator

     This week there is to be a Nuclear Security Summit in Washington, called by President Barack Hussein Obama to “discuss” Global Nuclear Security Matters.   Since Obama has done everything possible to insure Iran will reach its oft-expressed goal of having and using Nuclear Weapons, the whole matter is beginning to smell like the 1991 Madrid International  Conference, arranged in part as a plan of deliberate entrapment for Israel’s Prime Minister Yitzhak Shamir and the Jewish Nation/State of Israel.

     I wrote numerous articles before the Madrid Conference, defining it as a Kangaroo Court arranged primarily by the Arabist State Department.   Shamir was warned repeatedly that he was walking into a trap but, he wrongly assumed he could handle whatever was thrown at him.  He was wrong!  The Muslim Arab and European nations swarmed against Shamir with the assistance of then Secretary of State James Baker III and the Arabist State Department.

     During the Madrid Conference, denials notwithstanding, Baker, through his staff of what came to be known as "Baker’s Jew Boys" (Dennis Ross, Aaron David Miller and Daniel Kurtzer) circulated from room to room, guiding the appeasement agenda, while denying their influential presence.

     For me, it smelled like a trap about to be sprung, I opined before the Conference ended that one of the delegates from an Arab country would challenge Israel on its undeclared status of being Nuclear-Capable.
     As predicted, just before last statements were read to the assembly, the Egyptian delegate asked that the entire Middle-East region be officially a Nuclear-Free Zone.   Take that to mean that Israel was to stand down any Nuclear Deterrence she may have and to submit herself to inspection by the U.N.’s International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), no doubt, overseen by Baker’s Arabist State Department.

     Taken in full context, President George Herbert Walker Bush, James Baker III, the Arabist State Department, the Multi-national oil companies - all connected to the Arab oil pipe-line - did not want Israel to have Nuclear Deterrence.   All knew that, despite Israel’s success in holding off the Arab Muslims in seven wars and continual cruel acts of violent Terrorism, there would come a time when the Arab Muslims (with overwhelming manpower, unlimited military supplies from the U.S., France, Germany, Russia) would sooner or later be able to overcome Israel IF she had to rely upon only conventional weapons to fight many Muslim Arab armies on four fronts (East, North, South and from the sea on the West).    It was her undeclared,ambiguous Nuclear Deterrence that the Arabists - like Bush, Baker, Brzezinski, the E.U., Russia, ‘et al’, wanted Israel to surrender.

     Now, it’s Obama’s turn to bond with the Muslim Arab oil nations, reflecting his early, impressionable years as a Muslim in a “Madrassa” (school for strict Islam), learning the Koran and Mohammed’s “Hadith” (his oral teachings).   President Obama has gathered around him many of the same Arabists from the past and the present.   Counseled now by James Baker III, the early court Jews of Baker (Dennis Ross, Aaron David Miller, Daniel Kurtzer - with the later addition of Martin Indyk),Zbigniew Brzezinski, Brent Scowcroft, General James Jones.....one can see how the coming Nuclear Security Summit might be an even deadlier trap for Israel and Binyamin Netanyahu than was the Madrid entrapment.

     We have observed the immediate attack on Israel by Obama once he took office.   It seems evident that, following the desires of the Arabists who are his advisors and the demands of the Arab League - including the Saudi King - there seems little doubt that he is working toward severing relations with Israel.   This, of course, happened before when General Charles De Gaulle - as Prime Minister of France - went from being a supporting friend of Israel to severing relations - which including cutting off all arms shipments, even those for which Israel had already paid.   France has always been known as the prostitute of Europe and, once Arab Muslim oil was the motivation, the red light went on in France and Europe.   The same could be said for the “Shadow Arabist Government” in Washington as it became the Muslim and Arab oil representative - under its own “red light”.  (Presumably, we all know who inhabits a “red light”

     Prime Minister Binyamin (Bibi) Netanyahu must have learned a painful lesson from the entrapment of PM Shamir during the Madrid Conference.   It’s not surprising to see all the former players of Madrid trying to use their Kangaroo Court “Trick” again.  

     Perhaps even without Netanyahu present, they may try to draft some sort of crooked agreement, trying to force Israel into signing the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty, mandating U.N. control and inspection, in effect, putting a leash on Israel’s ability to respond and/or pre-empt when faced with an existential threat such as Iran's Nuclear threats to wipe Israel off the map.
     If Obama can force Israel to give up her Nuclear Deterrence, then the U.S., E.U., and Russia could send in a massive so-called “Peace-Keeping Force” to take over Judea, Samaria, the Jordan Valley, Golan Heights - all in the name of “having to protect a now vulnerable Israel".

     As we watch Obama cave in to Russian demands, putting restraints on America’s Nuclear Deterrence capability, one begins to wonder: Who is really Obama’s employer and what is really his assigned agenda?

     Netanyahu is sending Deputy Prime Minister Dan Meridor as his replacement.   Regrettably, Meridor is too well-known for his weakness and passivity.   It would be like sending Left-Leaning Tzippi Livni or Shimon Peres to stand up for Israel’s sovereignty.   Hopefully, Netanyahu will send Meridor with very specific instructions to keep his mouth shut and not to engage in any discussions that will serve as an entrapment for Israel. 

     As a relevant aside, we have heard that the attending Muslim Arabs have said they have no intentions of bringing up Israel’s Nuclear Deterrence after they heard that Netanyahu side-stepped the trap.

     As for the American people’s reliance on Obama and his collaborators to protect America and her allies, current polls show an overwhelming distrust, both for the man and the Democratic Party which proved to be so easy to buy.
     Perhaps he is assisting Iran in order to allow it to become Nuclear Proficient will be sufficient to bring about Obama’s impeachment.
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