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For every American who cares about a safe and secure Israel...  

Americans for a Safe Israel (AFSI) supports a policy of "peace for peace" between the Arab states and Israel, and rejects "peace for territory."  We believe the Arabs when they call for the destruction of Israel.  Therefore, the giveaway of any areas would simply mean that Israel would be feeding into the enemy's plan.  AFSI opposes spending US tax dollars, estimated to be in the billions, to fund a phantom "peace" plan.

Last Call!
Join AFSI's Chizuk Mission in Israel: May 9-17 

Now more than ever 



Find out the details here.  

Plans are being finalized for AFSI'S May 9-17 Chizuk trip to Israel. We look forward to being in Yerushalayim to celebrate the capital city's reunification in 1967. We believe it is of extreme importance to support a united Jerusalem at this particular moment in history when pressure is coming from all sides to divide the city and de-Judaize it. 
Please visit the AFSI website www.afsi.org for the updated itinerary. If you are ready to join us, call the AFSI office immediately at 212-828-2424.

Americans for a Safe Israel
April 2010 Newsletter

Americans For a Safe Israel
1751 Second Avenue (91st Street)
New York, NY 10128
Tel: 212-828-2424; 800-235-3658; Fax: 212-828-1717
www.afsi.org; afsi at rcn.com

A Message from the Chairman
Herbert Zweibon
AFSI has dedicated this year of 2010 as the Year of Jabotinsky. We note that it is 130 years since Jabotinsky's birth and 70 years since his death in 1940. 

In order to promote this year in Jabotinsky's honor, AFSI is sponsoring programs in Israel and America.  A nationwide essay contest will be held in Israeli schools on Jabotinsky and his legacy. The co-sponsors with AFSI are the Ze'ev Jabotinsky Order, chaired by Emanuel Weiser, and the World Herut, chaired by former MK Michael Kleiner.  The grandchildren of Jabotinsky, Ze'ev Jabotinsky and Karnei Rubin, as well as the Jabotinsky Institute, represented by Peleg Tamir and Yossi Achimeir, are participating in a leadership role in the contest.  

Vladimir Jabotinsky

A distinguished group of academics will serve as judges. MK Ruby Rivlin, Speaker of the Knesset,  has agreed to take on the chairmanship of the contest, and Minister of Education, Gideon Sa'ar has endorsed it. 
Here in the United States, AFSI, together with the Nordau Circle, will undertake making 2010 the Year of Jabotinsky.  William Mehlman, AFSI's Jerusalem Chairman has authored a pamphlet entitled, JABOTINSKY...THE MAN AND THE VISION. This will be distributed to all AFSI members, as well as to day schools, libraries, synagogues, and to our Christian Zionist friends. 

We hope that these efforts will deliver the message expressed so well in a speech given in 1981 by PM Bibi Netanyahu's father, Prof. Benzion Netanyahu at the University of Haifa, on the occasion of the 100th anniversary of Jabotinsky's birth. In the speech, Prof. Netanyahu stressed Jabotinsky's "firm opposition to the surrender of any right which the Jews possessed as individuals and as a nation...to the symptoms of compromise and appeasement which he saw in the responses of the Zionist leadership."

Our goal in highlighting the great contribution made by Jabotinsky in the creation of the State of Israel is to instruct and impress on friends of Israel his prophetic, practical, and heroic messages, from which the Jewish people can derive strength and guidance today.
 If you would like to make a contribution to AFSI in support of this important effort, it would be greatly appreciated!  Donate now.  Thank you! --Herbert Zweibon




 The best way to send a message to the detractors of Israel in the media, the Administration, and the public is by joining AFSI and becoming active with AFSI's work.  As a member, you will also receive our renowned monthly publication, The Outpost.  See past editions.    

A Message from the Director : 

Helen Freedman 

Counter-Protest at the Waldorf


March has been a busy month of activity here at national AFSI HQ in New York. 

On March 9 we joined with many grass-roots organizations to counter a demonstration by Arabs and left wing Jewish organizations outside the Waldorf Astoria hotel against the IDF and Chief of Staff Gabi Ashkenazi. Despite the absence of organized Jewish leadership, we made our voices heard.


On March 16, AFSI supported the First Temple Mount Awareness Day, designed to impress upon Jews throughout the world the importance of the Temple Mount in Jewish history and in today's world.


MK Tzipi Hotovely

I had the pleasure of meeting with Likud MK Tzipi Hotovely, a strong supporter of AFSI's views, along with Aharon Pulver, our good friend from the Israel Independence Fund, and Israel Danziger, head of Mishmeret Yesha, on March 19. They were all in the U.S. in order to educate people about the need for support for the vital work they are doing in Israel.


Yosef Begun, the famous Soviet Refusenik, spoke at the Brighton Beach Jewish Center to a group organized by RAJE, Russian American Jewish Experience, on March 21. Rabbi Mordechai Tokarsky, Executive Director, officiated. 


We learned that one of our favorite people, Anita Tucker, formerly of the Gush Katif community of Netzer Hazani, and now a displaced person, was one of the awardees of the Moskowitz Zionism prize. Anita continues to amaze everyone with her optimism and determination to rebuild her destroyed community. She was recently touring in the U.S., raising awareness and funds in order to accomplish her goal of building in Yesodot.



Chapter Report: Albany   

Chairman:  Jack Lauber, jlpe at nyccap.rr.com
 AFSI is growing in the Capital District. As part of our ongoing efforts to educate the public as to the true nature of Zionism, we are exposing the anti-Zionist J Street locally in emails to our Jewish community, and we have created the American Zionists Forum. It can be found at: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/American Zionists. Everyone is invited to join. 
On Wednesday, May 12, we will participate in the First Capital District Community Commemoration of Yom Yerushalayim. We will be partnering with the Jewish Educational Resources of New York (JERNY). We expect to distribute a great deal of AFSI educational material free of charge. We'll also be selling AFSI's newest publication, the story of  JABOTINSKY...THE MAN and his VISION, authored by AFSI's Jerusalem Chairman, Bill Mehlman. The day will include a rally for the peace of Jerusalem as well as a Unity Celebration of Israel's capital city. All events will take place at Temple Israel in Albany. For further information: JERUSALEM at jerny.org.




Chapter Report: Los Angeles/San Fernando Valley  
Chairman:  Colonel Irving Kett, ikett at att.net
Planning is in progress for the 7th Annual Benefit Dinner for Nefesh B'Nefesh. The principal speaker this year will be the Consul General of Israel in LA, Jacob Dayan. Once again, it is scheduled to take place at the Chabad House in Tarzana, Sunday evening, August 29. Last year, $16,000 was raised. It is hoped that this year will produce even more.
Sunday evening, March 28, I spoke to a prestigious organization of U.S. retired military officers: The Military Order of the World Wars. The subject of my talk was, "My Experiences as a U.S. Military Officer in Israel." I covered the two times I was sent to Israel by the U.S. Army, one time for three years. I also described my experiences in Egypt and Lebanon where, as part of my assignment, I spent short periods of time. It was a very rewarding evening.




Chapter Report:  Philadelphia 

Executive Committee member:  Moshe Phillips, phillyafsi at gmail.com
Front Page Magazine featured my article entitled, THE TRUE FACE OF J STREET. The entire article can be found at: http:/frontpagemag.com/2010/03/09/the-true-face-of-j-street-2/. Highlights have to do with identifying J Street as holding radical views that reflect those of the Reconstructionist Rabbinical College rabbis, the now defunct New Jewish Agenda, Brit Tzedek v'Shalom, and Breira (meaning alternative). I.L. Kenen, the founder of AIPAC, claimed that Breira "undermined U.S. support for Israel." Many of the rabbis referred to are part of the Jewish Fast for Gaza group. They advertise their purpose as: "To call upon Israel, the US, and the international community to engage in negotiations without pre-conditions with all relevant Palestinian parties - including Hamas - in order to end the blockade..." I conclude my piece by applauding Israel's Ambassador Michael Oren for describing J Street as causing a "unique problem" and being "significantly out of
 the mainstream..." I also conclude that "shouldn't it be apparent that forces within the highest echelons of the Obama Administration and/or the Democratic Party are assisting J Street, or perhaps even pulling its strings?" My blog can be found at: phillyafsi.blogtownhall.com.




Chapter Report:  Orange County, California 
Chairman:  Dr. Howard Garber, dhgarber1 at aol.com 

Sunday, May 2, from 1-6 PM, AFSI will be participating in the largest annual Jewish community event in Orange County.  The Jewish Federation will be running its Israel Expo which features the diverse culture of Israel and draws more than 6,000 attendees from all over southern California every year. AFSI will have a booth at the Expo and will be distributing educational materials. We're looking forward to this event as an opportunity to demonstrate our unwavering support for a whole Israel.



In memory of Izzy Kaplan 

By Helen Freedman

Izzy Kaplan, Alon Davidi, Congressman Scott Garrett and Helen Freedman, March 2008

I first met Izzy on a Chizuk mission run by Americans For a Safe Israel at least ten years ago or more. He was traveling with Yossi Winter and other members of the Toronto Zionist Council, and that was the beginning of a warm friendship. Izzy's activism over the years brought him into contact with me in Jerusalem and New York on many occasions. 

In early March, 2008, Alon Davidi, head of the Sderot Security Committee,  and I spent a week with Izzy promoting the cause of Sderot. There was a round of activities in Toronto and New York and then we traveled to DC where we had an appointment with 


Congressman Scott Garrett of New Jersey. 
Congressman Garrett had sponsored a bill declaring Israel's right to retaliate against the bombing of Sderot, and he was delighted that Alon, Izzy and I were there to go to the Capitol with him.We had the privilege of listening to the bill being discussed on the floor, with many Congressional friends of Israel speaking in favor of the bill. After that unique experience, we returned to New York encouraged by the warm reception we had received in the Congress. 
Throughout our travels, I marveled at the warm friendship established between Izzy and Alon. Izzy had seen the suffering in Sderot, not only from the constant barrage of rockets, but the aftermath, which left the whole city traumatized by the terror. He never stopped supporting Sderot and helping Alon to do whatever possible to alleviate the dangers of living in a city constantly under fire.   
Alon came to New York this past February, 2010 for some meetings, and then we both traveled to Toronto to visit Izzy at the Toronto General Hospital. Yossi was kind enough to meet us at the airport and escort us around the entire day. Our meeting with Izzy that day will always stay in my memory. He was obviously in pain, but his mind was very clear, and we spoke about our concerns for Israel. After we left him,Yossi took us for a visit with Suzie, Izzy's wife, and then we understood more fully what an ordeal he had been enduring. 
Needless to say, we were all heartbroken to learn of Izzy's passing. We knew that a recovery would be miraculous, but he deserved a miracle for all the extraordinary things he had been doing for Israel over the years. It seems HaShem had other plans for him. If possible, he will be helping us from his new place.
Heartfelt wishes go out to the entire family. I pray they will heal from this hurt as quickly as possible and will continue to honor his memory in the way that he would have wished. I, and the entire AFSI community, wish that the family will be comforted among the mourners of Zion and that they will know no more sorrows.  



What you can do..... 

On AFSI's website, www.afsi.org, can be found the many action alerts that were put out during the month. We ask you to call the Congressional Switchboard at 202-224-3121,to learn the phone number of your representative. Some US lawmakers stood up against Obama on behalf of Israel, while too many did not. The entire list of names appears on the afsi.org website. With Obama, Biden and Clinton pressuring Israel to freeze construction in east Jerusalem, it is important that our representatives hear from us.  President Obama can be called at: 202-456-1111 and Secretary of State Clinton at: 202-647-6575. 
We've also asked that calls and emails be sent to PM Bibi Netanyahu regarding plans to destroy the homes of two heroes of the IDF who were killed in defense of Israel. Both Major Ro'i Klein and Major Eliraz Peretz left behind families living in Eli. Their homes have been threatened with destruction because of left wing pressure on the courts. We must say NO as loudly as possible. When calling, or writing, please remind Bibi of his words at AIPAC: "The attempt        P.M. Bibi Netanyahu  
 by many to describe the Jews as foreign colonialists in their own homeland 
is one of the great lies of modern times." Tel: 011-972-3-610-9898; pm_eng2 at it.pmo.gov.il; memshala at pmo.gov.il

Click here toJoin Our Mailing List




A special thanks... 

 to Sharon Goldner, a particpant on the November 2009 mission, who has volunteered to create this newsletter each month.  "I am passionate about supporting AFSI's mission to educate and empower Americans about what is really going on in Israel, and to spotlight the many citizen heroes in Israel who are working to keep our Jewish state strong and vibrant."

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