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  by Emanuel A. Winston, 
  Freeman Center Mid East Commentator & Analyst
  Israel’s Prime Minister, Ehud Olmert, wishes to repeat the Gaza catastrophe in Judea, Samaria and the Golan Heights - just to prepare for doing the same in Jerusalem. 
  It has just been announced that Olmert, no doubt, with Foreign Minister Tzippi Livni, Defense Minister Ehud Barak and President Shimon Peres, is in deep negotiations with Bashar Assad, President of Syria, for Israel to surrender the Golan Heights. 
  Recall that Syria was the lead hater of the Jews since 1947 and before. Whenever it was possible to attack Israel frontally, Syria attacked. When Syria could not or dared not attack, they used proxies: Terrorists. Their hatred ran deep as they gave shelter to Alois Bruner, the Nazi Jew-killer, other anti-Semitic Jewish haters and Islamo-fascists.
  Now, the toilet that comprises Israel’s Kadima/Labor/Meretz Government overflows, with Olmert and his gang gushing out first.
  The people of Israel waited too long to mop up the mess and left Olmert to further pollute the Israeli Government.
  Few, other that the Leftists, believe in the corrupt Kadima government. Wherever they turn they see Government officials under investigation for personal, criminal corruption. But, more importantly - with their hands on the throats of the people (other than when their hands were in the pockets of the nation’s Treasury) one finds Olmert and his gang.
  Because the people do not march ‘en masse’ on Jerusalem to cut away this malignant cancer, one must pray to a more powerful force.
  When I saw my friend Ariel Sharon turn on the Jewish nation like a junk-yard dog, I first prayed for his demise at the Hand of G-d. Then later, I decided that he best be laid low - to stare at the ceiling, knowing what he had done but, unable to move or speak for mercy. Later, he had his first stroke, then his second. Now truly, he does lie on his bed in a vegetative state because even the earth, the holy earth of Israel, will not accept him to be buried in it.
  I now pray that HaShem will reach down and take away the breath of Olmert and his deadly gang who hate the holy Jewish ground they walk on. I am not the only one who prays to G-d to dispose of this gang of Rashas (evil ones). Regrettably, a lot of good people will also suffer as the Jews driven from Gush Katif/Gaza have suffered.
  The Jewish nation and her soldiers could have resisted the orders of a present day Herod ‘wannabe’. Why accept national suicide on the orders of those like the U.S. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice or aberrant Leftists who truly hate the ground of Israel they walk on?
  Can’t you just hear the howls from the Leftists in Tel Aviv, Haifa and Jerusalem when the missiles of Hezb’Allah and Hamas will rain down on their cities? They will scream, and then beg the nation-killer Olmert to do something but he and his miserably dysfunctional family will be down in a deep bunker, cowering and perhaps wondering if he should follow Der Fuhrer’s last plan so as not to fall into the hands of the unpitying Russians. For Olmert it will be the merciless Muslims who would put him in a cage to be paraded through the streets of Damascus, RamAllah, Teheran, Cairo and Riyad, etc.
  Why should a righteous and holy nation suffer the consequences of a leader with a twisted mind who is absorbed only in himself? More than 25,000 Jewish soldiers have died defending the Jewish Land, plus more than 1700 men, women and children who have been murdered by Terrorists. Add those tens of thousands wounded and maimed for life. But, this Prime Minister pimps for the Muslim Arabs and U.S. Secretary of State, making a mockery of their life sacrifices.
  Olmert should already be facing the equivalent of a Court Martial, when betraying the nation deserved facing a firing squad or being hung in the public square.
  How many families look across their dining tables and see an empty place because the gang of Olmert’s loonies issued stupid orders during the last Lebanon War against Hezb’Allah, July 14 to August 16, 2006? How many dead, wounded and mentally shocked children and adults are suffering from the daily Kassam Rocket barrage from Gaza because Sharon and Olmert played with the lives of good Israelis? Is capital punishment too little for these blunderers and the lives they needlessly sacrificed?
  Lately, there is the matter of Olmert’s being under investigation for many financial corruptions - the latest for having taken hundreds of thousands of dollars from Morris (Moshe) Talansky. Olmert and his defense lawyers said it wasn’t during an election so, therefore, he broke no laws. What? When does an ordinary, very rich American gift such large sums to a politician without getting something in return? 
  Was the money Olmert receives just for being such a swell guy? Or did it slip into other hands - like Shimon Peres, Arik Sharon, Dov Weisglass - all of whom are said to have had side deals to increase their earthly income? 
  Did Olmert report it all to the Tax Bureaus? Was it linked to the unreported funds that had been gifted to the Institute of Shimon Peres from the Europeans who want the Peres Institute and/or the Beilin Institute to advance their Oslo swindles?
  Tell us, Ehud, where did the money go? How much stuck to your fingers? What was it supposed to do for you and the Oslo crowd?
  Now that there is great fanfare over your Olso-like, under-the-table negotiations to abandon the Golan Heights, what will be your gift from the deal? Another new house? A secret bank account in Switzerland or the Cayman Islands for your luxurious retirement (or exile if proven guilty of crimes now known or unknown)? 
  Since it is unlikely that you believe Bashar Assad or anyone who follows him will keep any peace agreement, to where will you flee? Argentina, Peru, Costa Rica - as did many German Nazis, carrying the loot they confiscated from the Jews? 
  But, of course, you wouldn’t take foreign money to betray Israel because that would amount to treason. 
  Besides, we all know that Israeli politicians wouldn’t lie, cheat, steal, embezzle and expose the people to murder by the Syrians, Palestinians, Iranians, etc.
  The Washingtonian pro-Arab Mafia are desperate to keep Olmert at his post so he can (as instructed) abandon the Golan, Judea, Samaria, all those parts of Jerusalem occupied and desecrated by Jordan for 19 years from1948 to 1967 - plus a wide corridor from Gaza to the 7 cities given to Arafat through Oslo.
  Clearly, Olmert is both under the thumb of Bush, Rice, etc, in addition to being protected politically by all the forces and interests in Washington. 
  Olmert remains the Saudi and oil companies’ man in the Israeli government. 
  Of course, that includes Livni, Barak and Peres.
  If you were a government dependant on Arab/Muslim oil, wouldn’t you want a highly placed mole who could give away the Land of the Jews which G-d had given to them in perpetuity?
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