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  May 19, 2008
  Dear Editor: 
              The Sunday May 18, 2008 Times “Sunday Opinion” section contained articles by Thomas Friedman, Jeffrey Goldberg, and Elias Khoury, all of whom in varying degrees referred to the plight of the Palestinians.  Not one of them mentioned the fact that there would have been no Palestinian plight if the Arab countries had not attacked the new State of Israel in 1948.
              Not one of these three writers mentioned the important fact that the majority of Palestinians voted for Hamas, whose leaders clearly declared, before and after the election, that they would never recognize Israel and that they would destroy Israel in phases.
              Furthermore, not one of these esteemed writers mentioned the fact that the PLO 1964 Charter and the Fatah Constitution were created three years before Israel controlled the West Bank, Gaza and the so-called Jerusalem.  Both of these important documents clearly declare that the establishment of Israel was illegal and void and that “armed resistance” was to be the Palestinian modus operand until the Zionist entity was destroyed.  The Fatah constitution and the slightly revised 1968 version of the 1964 PLO Charter are still in effect.  The 1968 Charter omitted Article 24 of the 1964 Charter which referred to the fact that the Charter did not intend to interfere with Jordan’s control of the West Bank and Egypt’s control of Gaza.
              None of these three articles mentioned the fact that the Palestinian interpretation of “occupied Arab lands” means all of the land from the Mediterranean to the Red Sea, which specifically eliminates the land granted to Israel by the UN vote.
              I politely ask these three writers to ask Abbas and the Palestinian leaders to publicly state in Arabic and English what they mean by “occupied Arab lands” and to publicly state that their Charter and Constitution are no longer valid and that they will be annulled immediately by the appropriate entities stated in the Charter and the Constitution.
  Sincerely yours,
  William K. Langfan

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