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Sun May 11 09:26:01 CDT 2008

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     The Death of of Mentor    if (sLinkData != "") document.write("Edit
");    by Yisrael Medad
  4 Iyar 5768, 5/9/2008

  if (sLinkData != "") document.write("Edit
");    Shmuel Katz has passed away.
  Born in South Africa in December 1914, he was in his 94th year.  He was a Betari, a confidant of Ze'ev Jabotinsky, a member of the High Command of the Irgun, elected to the first Knesset, Zionist thinker, author and ideologue.  He had been in an old-age home for the past few years and just two months ago, underwent an operation caused by blood circulatory problems and then developed pulmanory difficulties.
  He published several books, notably "Battleground" and "Lone Wolf" (a biography of Jabotinsky).  He wrote columns in the Jerusalem Post and Ma'ariv for years.  In fact, he asked me to begin working on a second anthology (I edited the first one, "Battletruth") that would cover the years 1982-2008.  I had collected some 450 articles but I didn't manage to get through them on a re-reading so as to present him with my selection.
  I had known Moekie for over 35 years. His work in the framework of the Land of Israel Movement was crucial to the retention of Judea, Samaria and Gaza and the revenant efforts that proved successful.  His fight with Menachem Begin over the autonomy plan was also a major contribution to Jewish rights in the Jewish homeland.
   His couch at his old apartment at 155 Dizengoff Street in Tel Aviv was my bed on many occasions.  But more importantly, his sagacious advice, his amazing insight, his complete and total determination and commitment to Israel's security, its standing in the world and his relentless criticizing of the foibles of the great will sorely be missed.
  May his memory be for a blessing for all Am Yisrael.

      1. Baruch Dayan Haemet
  This is indeed sad news, and anyone who has ever done hasbara must feel bereaved. I never met Shmuel Katz but I felt that we were acquaintance, so often have I read his Battleground and how many times did I quote him and his arguments in my earliest days as spokesperson for Moetzet Yesha in English. He was a man of real heart and conviction and no compromises.
We are all poorer. 
  3. Doctor
  Shmuel Katz was a great man, a great Jew.
He spent his life fighting for and advocating for Israel.
His pen wrote words of of strength, wisdom and words of truth in a generation where weaklings, defeatists and liars dominated, and continue to dominate, Israel's political leadership, historians, academics and journalists.
Shmuel Katz was a man in an environment of eunuchs.
  Moshe Fried, Atlanta, GA  USA (09/05/08)

  4. In Memory of a National Hero
  We note withy sadness and grief the passing of one of the truest patriots of Israel and his ceaseless efforts to present the truth of the Zionist cause to the world. We did some work together in the 80's as he visited Berkeley. We met again in Israel in 1984 and planned some counter-arguments to the increasingly well-funded anti-Israel lobby. He will be sorely missed and should be a household name in any Jewish home where the truth is still important, despite all the anti-Israel packaged and marketed lies. Goodbye, Dear friend, Of Blessed Memory [z'l].
Dr. Gary Katz 
  He was one of the only sane, real Zionists left.
I'm terribly saddened that he is gone.
His articles were amazing and if only 1% of his ideas were ever implemented, this country would be in fantastic shape.

Baruch Dayan Ha Emet.   Leah, Jerusalem (10/05/08)

      Shmuel Katz z"l   

December 9, 1914 - May 9, 2008

A visit last year:-

More here

Photos from his life:

In Warsaw, 1937 with Hillel Kook (r) and Chaim Lubinsky (l):

In Paris, 1946, on an Irgun mission:

At Menachem Begin's visit to the Irgun in Jerusalem, August 1948. Moekie, last commander of the Jerusalem Irgun unit is third from left and Begin is to the right:

Here he is at a press conference announcing the disbandment of the Irgun, Jerusalem, September 21, 1948 (Yitzhak Avinoam (c), Yosef Leizrowitz (l))


    Posted by YMedad at 3:40 PM  
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Anonymous said...   
     It is with sadness to hear the loss of this outstanding Jewish & Zionist thinker & activist.
I had the privilege of meeting Moekie on a couple occasions. The last time was at the Jewish Book Fair in Toronto shortly after the publication his book, "Lone Wolf".
Although frail physically, he spoke with passion, wit & conviction.
May we all learn from his example.
Harry Wolle
   Fri May 09, 09:15:00 PM    
Mordechai Y. Scher said...   
     A true loss.

Baruch Dayan Emet.
   Fri May 09, 11:30:00 PM    
Lion of Zion said...   
     áøåê ãééï àîú
   Sun May 11, 08:19:00 AM    
Ben Temalion said...   
     My sadness is mollified by thankfulness of knowing his work. After having his book "Battleground" for many years I only finished it recently. I hope all those who miss him will find comfort soon and that many who know nothing of him will soon know more. Eretz Ha Kodesh, Eretz Ha Shelamah, Eretz Ha Mitzvoth, Rak Kach!
   Sun May 11, 11:40:00 AM    
Zalmi said...   
     One hopes that in his last frail years, Shmuel z'l was spared full consciousness of the squalor into which Zionist ideals have been dragged by wayward sons of Betar. 
If his writings were ever made compulsory reading in Israel's universities, our problems would be over. May his memory be a blessing for all of us and may his ideals and values never be forgotten.
   Sun May 11, 01:55:00 PM    
Jameel @ The Muqata said...   
     truly the end of an era....
   Sun May 11, 03:45:00 PM    
YMedad said...   
     I last spoke with Moekie about two weeks before Pesach. He was frail but alert and completely knowledgeable about political events and until his last days in the hospital last week, read two papers daily. He was very aware of happenings and developments.
   Sun May 11, 04:40:00 PM    Post a Comment 
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  Shmuel Katz, ZaTza"L, A Tzaddik for Am Yisrael and Eretz 

  Shmuel Katz dies at 93
          Elliot Jager , THE JERUSALEM POST   May. 10, 2008  
    Shmuel Katz, one of the last remaining links to the Zionist Revisionist icon, Ze'ev Jabotinsky, and himself a towering figure and a mighty pen of the Zionist Right, died in the early hours of Friday morning, soon after Yom Ha'atzmaut, at Tel Aviv's Ichilov Hospital. He was 93.   Well over a hundred people attended the funeral Sunday afternoon at the Hayarkon Cemetery in Petah Tikva.   Among the mourners were Likud Party chair and opposition leader Binyamin Netanyahu, former defense minister Moshe Arens, former MK Uzi Landau, former Knesset Speaker, MK Ruby Rivlin, Jabotinsky Institute director Yossi Achimeir and MK Gideon Sa`ar.   Katz was born in South Africa in 1914 and first came to Israel in 1936, joining the Irgun.   Jabotinsky sent him to London in 1939 to represent the Revisionist Zionist position. He soon found himself virtually stranded after Jabotinsky died suddenly in upstate New York in 1940. Katz subsequently made a living as a journalist working for a
 number of London newspapers while also founding a Zionist Revisionist weekly.   In 1946 he managed to return to Palestine and joined the Irgun High Command. He was the movement's de facto foreign minister and its last Jerusalem-area commander prior to statehood.   Katz was elected to the First Knesset on the Herut list. He is believed to have been the last surviving member of that First Knesset. A Knesset honor guard placed a wreathe on his grave.   Highly principled and often uncompromising, he quit politics and established a publishing house.   After the Six Day War he became a leader of the Land of Israel movement. When the Likud Party won the 1977 elections and broke Labor's stranglehold on Israeli politics, Menachem Begin asked Katz to serve as his adviser on information, tasked with explaining the new government's position to a hostile media and an unfriendly Carter administration.   But Katz soon came to feel that Begin was too accommodating in the face of US
 pressure and in January 1978 left the premier over his peace negotiations with Egypt.   Katz opposed the notion of land for peace, championing the formula of peace for peace.   A prolific writer, essayist and historian, Katz had a regular column in The Jerusalem Post for many years and continued to publish occasional op-eds until very recently. Among his most important books are Lone Wolf: A Biography of Vladimir Jabotinsky; Battleground: Fact and Fantasy in Palestine; and The Aaronsohn Saga about the Nili spy ring, whose English edition was published late last year by Gefen.   Though a fierce ideologue, Katz was soft spoken, with a twinkle in his eye and a winning self-deprecating humor. As recently as several weeks ago, he was planning a new series of short op-eds for the Post in opposition to Prime Minister Ehud Olmert's policies.   Katz is survived by his son Yuval who recited the kaddish memorial prayer and nephew Dr. Leonard Bliden who delivered a moving eulogy.

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