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  A Voice from Hebron by Gary M. Cooperberg

  Political vs. G-dly Reality
April 30, 2008
  The United States of America was born out of a need to escape from monarchy and despotism. It espoused a new concept of government of the people, by the people and for the people. The majority would determine what was good for the people and all would have the opportunity to be a part of the government.
  The idea was a lofty one, and perhaps the sincere intentions of the founding fathers. Today, we still hear lip service paid to these concepts, but does this country truly reflect the above concepts? I think not. While it is true that, technically, any American citizen can run for President, the fact is that only wealthy people with strong political connections can seriously run. Out of millions of good and capable potential leaders the American people have to choose among, a young and inexperienced black man who seems to have trouble with his identity and whose principles are questionable; a former first lady who seems to want to become the next first man; and an elderly former war hero who lacks charisma.
  What is even worse than all of this is the fact that, no matter who does get elected, the office of President is not what it seems. There are powers above the President which have entrenched themselves in American government for decades and which have no connection to the electorate what so ever. President Kennedy tried to defy those powers and was assassinated for his efforts. No president after Kennedy had the courage to defy them since. What I am saying is that the concept of democracy as we believe it, is merely an illusion. Yet it is so ingrained in our hearts and minds that we choose to believe it. We elect the President. 
  We elect the congress. But do we really have a say in how this country is run? Americans have been programmed to believe that they control their destiny. They don’t.
  In Israel it is even worse. We also pay lip service to the concept of democracy. But the reality is that we have the right to choose the dictator of our preference on election day, and then have absolutely nothing to say about how he chooses to rule. Ariel Sharon created a new party which the people of Israel did not elect. He then proceeded to defy his own campaign promises and exiled the entire Jewish population of Gaza and handed it over to our enemies arbitrarily without any support from the people of Israel. Today his successor is proceeding with efforts to give away Judea, Samaria and the Golan Heights, again without regard for the will of the people of Israel.
  Were I a pragmatist I would pack my bags and leave this country immediately. It is clear that our leaders are taking steps which can only lead to the eventual destruction of the Jewish State. And it seems that there is nothing we can do to stop them. There are good Jews in this country who were nourished on the American fantasy that the people run the country. In genuine American style they seek to restructure the Israeli system of government to give the people more control. Others seek to work within the system to take control away from the fools who are presently in control and make Israel the Jewish State it was always meant to be. These are all good people with good intentions, but they fail to realize two things: the present system is designed to protect itself from change; and the only way Israel will become the truly Jewish State it was meant to become is when G-d sends us his anointed servant. 
And even then things won’t be so easy.
  Americans were nurtured on the belief that they can control their destiny. Judaism asserts that G-d is the Prime Mover and that we can achieve greatness only via service to G-d. Treating the symptoms will not cure the disease. Rather than directing our efforts to change and take over the corrupt system of government, which will never happen by natural means, we must redouble our efforts to simply be good Jews. If each one of us strives to live our lives in order to please our Creator, the miracles will come. This is our destiny it is not just “hope”. 
  Project Shofar is dedicated to reaching out to Jews and Gentiles with the message which G-d has assigned to Jews throughout the ages. “The very existence of the Jewish People over the millennia is proof that we all have One Creator. The fact that He has begun to return us to our ancient homeland from all over the world in our time is proof that He is true to His Word and that He is actively working to redeem His world.
The State of Israel is not a political entity, rather a Biblical one. It is through this tiny nation that all of the nations of the world will be blessed. Those who seek to harm Israel are, in effect, attempting to destroy the world. The struggle we face in today’s world is not one against “terrorism”, rather between those who truly believe in the Creator of the Universe and those who deny Him.”
  Project Shofar is a tiny voice sounding the alarm to all who care to hear. For the Jew it is time to come home. It has always been the yearning of the Jewish people, ever since our Exile which began over two thousand years ago, to one day be privileged to come home to Israel. 
  This yearning is expressed in our daily prayers and proclaimed at our Passover seders. Yet today we can come home and choose to remain in Exile. It is as if our prayers are lies. If we don’t mean what we say then why should G-d perform miracles for us? At this moment in time we have the gift of the ability to demonstrate our true faith in G-d by coming home on our own, in spite of the seeming difficulties. This gift will eventually be taken from us. The day will come when the Exile will vomit us out and we will come home even against our own will. For a Jew to come home now as a demonstration of his faith, is an act which can hasten redemption. Any act which defies logic and places G-d’s Will above our own, magnifies our G-d. If we Jews perform acts to show the world that we really believe in G-d, then we are fulfilling our purpose on this planet. When we fail to do so we are defying our own destiny and bringing needless suffering upon ourselves. Redemption will not come
 via our Knesset. It will come when Jews conduct their lives to sincerely serve G-d.
  Christian Americans would do well to remember that the United States was founded upon Biblical principles which included the recognition of G-d as a partner in the creation of that country. Today America has turned its back upon G-d. As a result the future of America is in grave danger. 
  Moslem oil wealth has literally bought much political control in the United States. As a result of this influence the power brokers behind the scenes in the White House and State Department believe that it is in America’s best interest to curry favor with the Moslem world. Clearly this can only be done in opposition to the best interests of the Jewish State. This is the real reason why President Bush is imposing a “road map” of self destruction upon Israel. The only hope for the survival of the United States of America is if she can be made to defy overwhelming political pressure from the Moslem world and stand with the tiny Jewish State for Biblical, not political reasons. This would be a tremendous demonstration of faith in G-d
    Gary Cooperberg will be on a speaking tour in the states in the beginning of July. He is willing to go anywhere he is invited to speak about Biblical Zionism and the coming Redemption. His time is extremely limited, so if you want to hear him speak in your area you should contact him as soon as you can to arrange a date. He can be best reached at gary at projectshofar.org. 
  A Voice from Hebron by Gary M. Cooperberg
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