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Israel’s Unjust System Of Government: What Should Be Done?*
Prof . Paul Eidelberg
Part I .   Israel ’s Unjust System of Government
I think everyone will agree that a just government is one whose rulers rule for the sake of the common good, and that an unjust government is one whose rulers rule to advance their own personal interests .
In Israel , polls indicate that as much as 90% of the public regards members of the Knesset as corrupt, as more concerned about their personal interests than the national interest .   It thus appears that 90% of the people of Israel regard their government as unjust .   They surely have in mind the legally questionable, if not criminal, behavior of many politicians, including the previous and present prime minister .
I have often argued that despite periodic multi-party elections, Israel ’s system of governance exemplifies not a democracy but an oligarchy, an unjust form of government since it involves the rule of the few for the sake of the few .   
Oligarchy is most obvious in the Supreme Court .   The court represents the small, ultra-secular leftwing of Israeli society .   Its rulings often trample on the abiding beliefs and values of the Jewish people .   The court is really a self-perpetuating oligarchy .   Its president and two other court judges have de facto control of the Judicial Selection Committee .   The court has adopted the ever-expanding dictum that “everything is justiciable . ”  The court has thus become a super-legislature―a Courtocracy .   Its rulings often ignore or violate the laws of the Knesset .   Its judges, lacking military expertise, have even arrogated to themselves the power to nullify government decisions related to national security .   
Less obvious is the oligarchic nature of Israel ’s parliamentary system .   By compelling citizens to vote for party slates rather individual candidates, Knesset members and cabinet ministers can ignore public opinion with impunity .   Party slates entrench party leaders in power regardless of their disastrous policies .   Suffice to mention Shimon Peres and Yossi Beilin, the architects of Oslo . 
I should also mention the 1999 elections, when 29 MKs hopped over to rival parties to obtain a safe seat on their newly adopted party slate .   But the height of duplicity and treachery was reached when Ariel Sharon and 22 other Likud MKs, contrary to their 2003 campaign pledge, voted for Labor’s policy of “unilateral disengagement . ” Hardly any would have done this if an MK was individually accountable to the voters in constituency elections, where he would have had to compete against a rival candidate who would obviously reveal his perfidious behavior .
As I see it, you will only perpetuate this unjust system of government by supporting the existing parties in the Knesset, since none is honestly committed to changing the SYSTEM .   You will not change the SYSTEM from within because all MKs have a vested interest in preserving those electoral rules that facilitate their election and augment their power .   Even if a religious faction happened to gain control of the Likud, this would split the party and defeat the faction’s goal to gain control of the government .   
The Sages of the Talmud say you can’t make a crooked line straight, and that’s enough to eliminate every party that is now in the Knesset .   You can’t wade in muddy water without becoming dirty .   We need new leadership, free of the corruption of old parties . 
But you can’t get coherent and resolute leadership when the government consists of five or more rival parties each with its own agenda .   You can’t pursue a long-range national strategy when the average duration of a government is less than two years―the case of Israel .   To get serious leadership you must replace multi-party cabinet government with a Unitary Executive having a fixed and renewable term of four years .   But a Unitary Executive requires the checks and balances of an Independent Legislature, and for this MKs must be personally elected by the voters in constituency elections .
Unfortunately, not a single party in the Knesset has a serious program for systemic change designed to preserve Israel as a Jewish commonwealth .   They are more concerned about their personal and partisan interests than the national interest .   That’s how 90% of the public sees them .   So what must be done to reform Israel ’s inept and corrupt system of governance?
Part II .   What Should Be Done?
First, we need a candidate to head not just another political party but a revolutionary party, a party committed to “regime change . ”  This candidate must not be tainted by Oslo and by “disengagement . ”  You dare not trust a politician who has given Jewish land to Arab terrorists or who supported the expulsion of 10,000 Jews from their homes .   Shun them as political idiots or as self-serving scoundrels or moral cowards .
Second, we need a candidate that has the courage to face the truth about the so-called Palestinians .
● He must understand that these Arabs deem themselves part of the House of Islam, and that Islam does not recognize a land called “Palestine” as entitled to statehood .
● He must understand that that peace is not possible with Arabs who use their children as human bombs to murder Jews .
● He must understand that that it’s ignoble and suicidal to negotiate with people dedicated to your destruction .
Third, we need a candidate who understands why Israel ’s system of governance is dysfunctional, divisive, and self-destructive, and who is therefore committed to SYSTEMIC change .
 Fourth, we need a candidate committed to changing Israel ’s foreign policy .   
● He must advocate abrogation of Oslo .
● He must advocate destruction of the terrorist network in Judea, Samaria , and Gaza 
● He must advocate Jewish sovereignty over Judea, Samaria , and Gaza .
● He must advocate a program to encourage Arabs in these areas to leave .
● He must advocate a Homestead Act and an Urban Development Program to attract foreign investment for settling 200,000 and more Jews in these areas .   
● He must advocate basic change in the relationship between Israel and the U . S .   
(To proclaim this new foreign policy, our candidate must have a strategy board consisting of experts in American politics and economics, international and domestic law, military strategy, commerce and industry, urban development, etc . )
Fifth, our candidate establish a massive youth movement .   He must offer the voters something really new―a larger Israel , a more democratic Israel , and a more Jewish Israel ―one that will inspire mankind now steeped in nihilism and barbarism .   He must transcend the sterility of secular Zionism, else he will succumb to the fate of Benny Begin .   He must also transcend the timidity of religious Zionism, which has so often compromised its principles .   He must think big and project a noble vision else he will never attract the youth of this country .    There be will one million floating votes in the next election―the equivalent of 40 seats .   Our candidate must emphasize two issues: 
1 . National Security . This requires the elimination of the PLO terrorist network, justified by the slogan, “Moderation in defense of liberty is not a virtue . ”  National Security requires a national strategy, which in turn requires  
2 . Systemic Change―namely:  
● A Unitary Executive .   Slogan: “A ship can have only one captain . ”
● A `Professional Legislature .   Slogan: “Party slates attracts paltry politicians . ”
● A Non-Political Supreme Court .   Slogan: “It’s not the role of the court to make public policies . ”   
Sixth, our candidate must go on a media blitz in the United States to augment his influence in Israel .   He must expose the myth of Israel ’s dependence on the U . S .
● He should quote former under-secretary of state Joseph Sisco, who told author Shmuel Katz, "I want to assure you, Mr . Katz, that if we were not getting full value for our money, you would not get a cent from us . "  
● Our candidate should cite former US Air Force chief of Intelligence George Keegan who said that the Intelligence Israel provides the U . S . is worth five CIAs Which means that America ’s national security depends very much on Israel .
            ● Our candidate should reveal how Israeli hi-tech contributes to American prosperity .     
●He should show that the American Constitution is rooted in Jewish principles, and that Israel should adopt these principles in forming its own Constitution .
If you can’t find a candidate committed to SYSTEMIC reform and a foreign policy such as I have outlined, all your criticism of government policies and all your protest demonstrations against this government will be equivalent to giving aspirin to a country suffering from a terminal disease .
*Edited transcript of the Eidelberg Report, Israel National Radio, March 26, 2007 .
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