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As we approach Passover, we think of freedom from Egyptian bondage. Today the Israeli and Jewish People are in a new kind of bondage. It is a mental bondage, where the media and the Jewish leadership have conspired to keep the truth hidden from us. Very grave dangers are facing us both external and internal. We need a constant source of the truth to strengthen us to face those challenges. 
Ignorance Is Weakness - Know The Truth
Self-Inflicted Ignorance Is Suicide
The Freeman Center Is A Defense Against Ignorance 
The Israel Institute 
Encourages you to watch and experience last Friday at the United Nations!

The below 5 minute video from the United Nations tells a story that must be seen, heard, and absorbed!  
Please consider sending this to your contacts and feel free to share your reactions with the Israel Institute.

http://webcast.un.org/ramgen /conferences/hrc2006/four /hrc070323am-eng.rm?start=00 :17:15&end=00:21:46   

Daryl Temkin, Ph.D.
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