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Arabs are not Prostitutes
By Prof. Paul Eidelberg
Despite the Arab use of their own children as human bombs to murder Jews—a barbarism cheered by Muslims throughout the world— Israel ’s political elites continue to negotiate with the leaders of these murderers.  Washington is afflicted by the same syndrome—really shameless.  It matters not to our champions of humanism that Islam denies the concept of humanity, that its history is punctuated by the slaughter and degradation of perhaps more than 200 million human beings. 
Of course there are Muslim “moderates.”  But what distinguishes them from Muslim “extremists”?   Political realists see that Muslim “moderates” are more patient than Muslim extremists.  The “moderates” merely prefer a phased strategy for Israel ’s demise.  This makes Mahmoud Abbas a “moderate” and Ismail Haniyeh an “extremist.”
As I see it, the litmus test of a Muslim moderate is this: Does he or she publicly avow the legitimacy of the Jewish State of Israel?  And does he or she publicly reject the Arab “right of return”—which is but a code word for Israel ’s destruction?  I don’t think you will find a politically or strategically significant number of such Muslims. 
Besides, what is to be expected from the Arab world in general when a large majority of Israel’s own Arab citizens supported Saddam Hussein and identify themselves as “Palestinians,” while not a few have aid or participated terrorist attacks against Israel?
All the talk about Muslim “moderates” is little more than escapism and obscurantism.  Terrorism is coextensive with Islam: in Iraq and Iran , in Syria and Lebanon , in Algeria and the Sudan , in Chechnya and Indonesia .   
Meanwhile, in mosques across the United States , imams preach hatred of Christian and Jews; some even call for Jihad.    
Nevertheless, while England and Europe are losing their cultural identity as a result of the influx of 30 million Muslims, liberal democrats are more revolted by George W. Bush than by Osama  Bin Laden, and regard the president’s Christianity more dangerous to America than Islam.  They hardly blink at Ahmadinejad’s invocation of a “world without America .”  
Okay, not every liberal democratic is a Michael Moore.  But what is it that animates so many of these bushwhackers?  One thing is this: the inability to face the enormity of evil inherent in a creed that divides mankind into believers and “infidels” and consigns the latter either to dhimmitude or death.  
This denial of the enormity of evil may be attributed to hedonism and moral cowardice.  Once you acknowledge such evil you cannot simply ignore the imperative to fight against it—which may cost you your comfort as well as your life.
 Of course the denial of evil has been spawned by the academic doctrine of moral relativism, a doctrine most prevalent among the democratic and cultural Left.  In relation to Israel , however, the moral relativism of the Left has metamorphosed into moral reversal.  Notice how left-wing dominated media portray Israel as the villain in its conflict with the Arabs.  This is paradoxical. 
After all, the democratic and cultural Left is diametrically opposed to the totalitarianism of Islamic culture.  So why this animus against Israel ?
Israel disturbs the Left.  The cultural Left cannot deny the greatness of biblical “literature,” the lofty visions of the prophets, their concern for the poor, the widow and the orphan.  But the Left, steeped in a decayed cosmopolitanism, abhors Jewish particularism.  The more so since this particularism, structured by Jewish law, coexists with an indefatigable yet genial affirmation of moral truths or standards concerning how man should live—something intolerable to hedonists and moral relativists.   
Now we can better understand the servile and ignominious foreign policy of Israeli governments vis-à-vis Islam.  These governments discard moral standards—including honor—by negotiating with, and seeking the recognition of, Arab despots who actually despise Jews and connive at Israel ’s demise.  It matters not that the most lurid hatred of Jews and of Israel is constantly being disseminated by the media of the Arab-Islamic world.  It matters not that Arab children are weaned on this hatred, in their school books and even in their sports and amusements.  All this is irrelevant to Israel ’s ruling elites whose desire for peace is divorced from truth.  
For them peace is nothing more than comfortable self-preservation.  A most significant example of this hedonistic attitude is discernible in a speech Ehud Olmert delivered to the Israel Policy Forum in New York on June 9, 2005.  He said:  “We are tired of fighting, we are tired of being courageous, we are tired of winning, we are tired of defeating our enemies 
 We want them to be our friends, our partners, our good neighbors.”   What an insult to Arabs, this confession of political and moral decadence! 
Hence one further observation is in order—and this also applies to the cynics in Washington that have hobnobbed with Arab-Islamic despots.  Having danced with evil, the American and Israeli elites have been tainted by the mentality of the brothel.  They think they can buy peace from Arabs as one might buy the favors of a prostitute.
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