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by Emanuel A. Winston, 
Mid East Analysis & Commentary

What journalist, editor, broadcaster, publisher, writer (other than themselves) would consider they were predators? However, like sharks, they can scent blood from miles away and they attack. Journalists have these sayings as knowledgeable insiders on what sells papers: "If it bleeds, it leads."
When it doesn’t "bleed", they can make it bleed on the theory that their audience will read horrific stories more often than straight, objective reporting.
Some call that "spin" or "biased reportage". 
Older, retired reporters will recall how, during WW2,  reporters in Berlin downplayed the round-up of Jews, the railroad lines of cattle cars, the work camps, the death camps, the gas chambers and the crematoria. The New York Times, Chicago Tribune, and other major news out-sources always placed these stories on back pages and managed to describe the reported events of the Holocaust of Jews as "unconfirmed reports" - despite eyewitnesses by their own reporters.
What is it that draws Left Liberals to journalism? Is it their opportunity to vent their personal biases as "news"? All around the globe Islamic "Jihadists" (warriors for Islam) are massacring Jews, Christians or each other as Sunnis and Shiites fight for supremacy over the land in the Middle East and, ultimately, for World Domination for Islam. This religious war is invariably presented as matter-of-fact news - except when reporting about the Jews of Israel. Then the journalists get creative by emotionally slanting their language so readers want to blame the Jews for the marauding acts of the radical Muslims.
In Iraq, whether by Shi’ite or Sunni Muslims, Americans, Iraqi civilians, volunteers and/or contractors from all nations who are helping to re-build Iraq are being killed in massive numbers. Very many are blown up by IEDs (Improvised Explosive Devices, i.e., road-side bombs) or EFPs (Iranian-made Explosively Formed Penetrators which "only" killed a small number of American troops- 170!). (1)   The total death count including those by snipers and suicide bombers is staggering. 
But the reportage is straight forward with sufficient TV and photo coverage to keep it in line with the doctrine of "If it bleeds, it leads." Somehow what Muslims do under the mandate of their religion, Islam, is positioned as if it is to be expected - even normal - for their culture. That assumptive thinking is real racism!
However, when discussing Israel, Kassam Rocket or Katyusha missiles launched at Israeli civilians,  Arab Muslim Terrorists are euphemistically called "militants" to soften the Terrorist concept. Any defensive attack by Israel against those who are launching missiles against Jews is described with loaded words and "spin" - as if shooting Terrorists/Militants is a "crime against humanity" - the reverse of truth. How dare the Israelis have road patrols, checkpoints, ID checks to find traveling Terrorist/Militants, explosive-laden cars or trucks. Wire fences and concrete walls to keep Terrorist/Militants out is always characterized as a "great offense" against those "peaceful Arabs" who are simply going about their business, to school, to work - or to kill? Journalists shouldn’t have personal bias against the Jews of Israel - but they do.
Why have so many Journalists anointed themselves judge, jury and hangmen when they deal with Jews? 
Why have they adopted the Goebbels method of "The greater the lie, the more likely it will be believed as truth" - again and again with respect to the Jews?
Why have journalists and their media outlets joined the side of an emerging, massive Global Terrorist Network against the minuscule Jewish nation of Israel?
When you read and listen to their reportage with professional eyes and ears, you will feel their palpably hostile and underlying spin which is always there when their reporting is about Israel, Israelis or Jews from other countries. 
Whereas even when there are dozens to hundreds of Jews, Christians and other Muslims being murdered by Muslims in Iraq, Afghanistan, Lebanon, Israel - and other countries by Global, Organized and un-Organized Islamic Terrorism, the religious aspect of this Global Conflict is treated so casually - ho hum. The Media allot no extra spin and commentary to the Muslim Credo as stated in the Koran and Hadith, to kill the "Infidels", that is - all Non-Muslims. The Muslim Credo provokes the radical Islamists to murder, rape, butcher, behead and steal the property of the "Infidels" - all in the name of Allah. It becomes merely a bland report that "A bomb went off in a marketplace in Iraq and several dozen Iraqi men, women and children are dead". 
The journalists give no extra analyses of where this viciousness comes from and how to stop it. Muslims following their operative doctrine of Koranic injunctions are treated by the Media as separate and "excused" from their acts of murder.
How did the Media become PR field agents for Islamic Terror? Why do they proclaim that, wherever the Muslims committed murder by blowing people up, it must have been the fault of the Jews and of Israel because the Jews are in Israel?
What kind of people are reporters, editors, publishers, broadcasters....who so easily discuss bloody facts of other events but invent their own scenarios about Israel? Do they forget to bring their self-proclaimed humanity and journalistic integrity with them when they go to report about Israel?   Have they acknowledged that 43 civilians and 120 soldiers were murdered, while 4,262 civilians and 400+ soldiers were wounded in northern Israel by Hezb’Allah rockets in this summer’s War from Lebanon? The 2 soldiers captured have not been seen alive since July 12th when the Hezb’Allah attacked their post in Israel, killed 3 soldiers, injured 2 and kidnapped Ehud Goldwasser and Eldad Regev. (2) 
What has the so-called Media evolved into? Why do they pick a victim - make them "bleed" for the news - then justify their "spin" with back-to-back lies and slanted language?
Why is the Left Liberal Media making it necessary for the web-loggers (bloggers) to bore into this problem of slanted news and expose the facts? 
Who wants to rely on painfully twisted stories coming out of the New York Times, the Chicago Tribune, the Washington Post, Time, the BBC, NPR, CNN, etc.? Why are the Bloggers able to make the media look foolish and hostile, catch their Faux-photography - and highlight the mainstream journalists’ personal agenda?
Once upon a time we could rely on the print media but now they merely send Left Liberal twisters to invent the news. Journalistic ethics have fled the scene. All we have remaining are spin-meisters, wandering the globe and slanting their stories to please their editors. Well, that’s how they keep their jobs and get their leaked interviews from nameless sources.
Those who ply their trade in the Mideast find Israel their most vulnerable target as victims. As Israel continues to chop off major pieces of her Land to appease the Arab Muslim Terrorists, she becomes even more vulnerable. These journalists are not stupid but they may be lazy. With malice and planning, they target Israel and the Jews while giving a pass to Palestinian Arab Muslim Terrorists. The so-called Journalists are virtual field PR agents for Terror. 
Who can forget the first 12 year War in Lebanon created by Yassir Arafat’s PLO from 1973 to 1982 when 100,000 Muslims and Christians killed each other?   Remember how the world’s intrepid journalists holed up at the Commodore Hotel in Beirut, taking their press releases from Arafat’s brother so they wouldn’t have to go out into PLO-terrorist controlled dangerous territory to get the "real" story? Ask Thomas Friedman how they all trembled and feared to walk the streets so they posted twisted stories received from Palestinian Arab Muslim Terrorists - or else. 
The journalists of the 1982 Lebanon Civil War weren’t embedded with the "soldiers" (real terrorists) in that war. The best thing that happened to today’s news was when journalists were embedded with the American soldiers in the Iraq War. Seeing it daily on TV showed us the true benefits of America and her allies attacking Saddam Hussein’s dictatorship, destroying it and him. Today the so-called "Insurgency" has made "embedding" civilian journalists more dangerous so the nature of the wars in Iraq, Lebanon and Afghanistan are not readily visible today.  When world journalism finally names the "Insurgency": Terrorism and the "Insurgents": Terrorists, then we may begin to see reality.
Something has happened to put journalists into a new class. They have now got the ability to carry a  message which can kill people and destroy nations. Sometimes they carry the message of the Terrorists as did the journalists holed up in the Commodore Hotel in Beirut awaiting the Terrorists’ instructions, euphemistically called "news briefings". 
Sometimes, on their own, journalists decide what the message ought to be, out of personal bias, gut instinct and anticipatory appeasement of the Terrorists’ wishes. They have long ago left the fair, objective observer status behind and have become "players". A "player" has joined sides. They are no longer observers.   Now they’re movers and shakers. They force things to happen.
It is well beyond merely tinkering with politics but now the Media are part of the action. Journalists can be (or may assist) Terrorists (or "Insurgents") merely by going beyond reporting the news, simply by amplifying certain angles or injecting their bias.  Slanted photos and videos help that.  Goebbels understood this very well and employed every available method of communication to slander the Jewish people in Europe as they conquered her. Radio, leaflets, town meetings with rabble rousing speeches, newspapers, made killing the Jews of Europe acceptable and guiltless.
Today's most Goebbels-esque portrayal  is that of Mahmoud Abbas/aka Abu Mazen (who was Yassir Arafat’s terror advisor) is really a "moderate" and it is Israel’s fault for not trusting him, his PLO and the now integrated Hamas. But the Media keeps the pressure on Israel to favor the Terrorists by giving them firing positions with the omni-present slogan "Give Peace a Chance".
But, all of these methods needed people, mostly professional journalists and speakers to carry forth the message. Nothing has changed except the addition of the TV media. So when a rabble rouser preaches murder, even genocide, he wants an audience - preferably larger than merely room full of people but, even that serves a purposes if the message is to provoke murder and genocide. 
The "Provocateurs" needs broad-based Media to get the message out. He needs TV, coverage and journalists who will send the "Provocateurs" pro-"Jihad" (War for Islam) story back to his accommodating newspaper, magazine or radio station. The "Provocateurs" need willing partners to promote the message, with its full, unedited message to kill, maim and destroy.
While the journalists show their willingness to prostitute themselves, it is the doctrine of the corporation which tells them what kind of story they are looking for.
Naturally rogue governments will approve of such provocative messages. Al Jazeera has been useful for Muslim and Arab Terrorists and Terrorist nations. Al Ahram Newspaper of Egypt carries an "Itbach el Yehud" (Kill the Jews) message - as does its local TV stations.
We know that the Media of Iran and Syria carry daily stories justifying the hatred of Jews, urging Genocide as a solution to those frustrations. But, we all expect that. Why? Are we so addle-pated? 
It’s when journalists of the Free West pick up the twisted invective without confirmation or source beyond the ubiquitous "highly placed anonymous source" that things get worse, at least for the Jews. When reporters become operational partners with Global Terror, carry their message, not only without question but, seemingly with their approval that the Goebbels phenomenon takes over. 
Ordinary people in Europe and America hear these horrible stories and pick up the mantra of "Hate the Jews" just as choreographed by Goebbels across Europe. Then we had Hitler as the mad-man, who ordered the "Final Solution for the Jewish Question". 
Today we have Ahmadinejad, of Iran, who promises to wipe Jews off the face of the earth. Today is Purim (March 4th). Persia's King Ahasuerus (who has the same number of syllables in his name as Ahmadinejad) allowed his PM Haman (his Goebbels) to plan to wipe the Jews out of Persia, (now called Iran).
The journalists (Haman’s scribes) have become fellow travelers, virtual partners with the likes of Mahmoud Ahmadinejad of Iran, Bashar Assad of Syria, and all their proxy representatives, namely Hezb’Allah, Taliban, Hamas etc.,, which includes Wahhabiists of Saudi Arabia and the imams who teach hate in the Madrassah (strict Islamic) schools. But, reporters must be willing to carry the story, and its recommendations to murder, full circle. 
The media becomes the crucial link in closing the circle. The reporter willing to format the story in a way that masses of readers and listeners will begin to agree with the drumbeat in Arabic of "Itbach al Yehud" (Kill the Jews) and "Destroy Israel" is once again perfectly acceptable. Remember how we said "Never Again". Well, it’s all happening now. Again. 
Some of the leading flagship journals, TV and radio carry these messages like the proverbial Typhoid Mary, spreading the disease wherever she goes. To mention a few, the BBC out of London, the New York Times, the Chicago Tribune, NPR radio, the Guardian, the London Times, Al Jazzera, Al Ahram of Egypt, Ha’aretz (a leading Leftist Hebrew journal out of Israel. Well, you get the idea, I hope. All need a doctrine of visceral hatred and all need their accommodating journalists to spin the stories and spread it  around - like Typhoid Mary.
There are some journalists and honest reporting stations such as Fox News and the Washington Times. Their daily reportage proves that honest reporting can be accomplished. If a reporter wishes to become a field soldier and "Agent Provocateur" for Terror Anonymous, it's their choice. However, advocating murder and Genocide is a risky business and should not be undertaken lightly. 
Honest and ethical reporters deserve the kind of protection one accords to medical personnel and ambulance drivers as untouchable. One must choose which side you wish to serve: terror and Genocide or objective reporting. There is no in-between.
Those reporters, journalists, media outlets cannot claim innocence and distance themselves from their words meant to provoke hate and subsequent murder. Predators usually have a price to pay to the people or nations they hunt. 
Don’t you think?
1. "The Mullahs’ Voice" by Kenneth Timmerman FrontPageMagazine.com Feb. 23, 2007
2. "2006 Israel-Lebanon Conflict: July 12 -Aug. 14, 2006" from Wikipedia http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/2006_Israel-Lebanon_conflict
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