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Polls: Legal authorities going after Gyadamak 50.0%:26.7%, MK Estherina should resign 70.9%:18.7%
Dr. Aaron Lerner     Date: 1 March 2007

Telephone poll of a representative sample of 523 adult Israelis (including 
Arab Israelis) carried out by  Shvakim Panorama
for Israel Radio's "Another Matter" program on 28 March 2007.

Do you support or oppose legislation that would limit the Supreme Court?
Total: Yes 44.6% No 41.3% Other replies 14.1%
Kadima voters: Yes 26.4% No 5.2% Other replies 18.4%
Likud voters: Yes 64.4% No 23.9% Other replies 11.7%
Labor voters: Yes 26.7% No 66.6% Other replies 6.7%
Yisrael Beiteinu voters: Yes 75.2% No 24.8%

Should the Turkel Committee approve the appointment of Yaacov Ganot to be 
Israel Police Commissioner?
Total: Yes 30.6% No 35.5% Other replies 33.9%
Kadima voters: Yes 34.3% No 44.6% Other replies 21.1%
Likud voters: Yes 52.3% No 16.7% Other replies 30.9%
Labor voters: Yes 36.6% No 46.7% Other replies 16.7%
Yisrael Beiteinu voters: Yes 58.3% No 16.5% Other replies 25.2%

Do you think that the legal authorities are going after [Arkady] Gyadamak
Total: Yes 50.0% No 26.7% Other replies 14.3%
Kadima voters: Yes 52.7% No 36.8% Other replies 10.5%
Likud voters: Yes 73.8 No 23.8% Other replies 2.4%
Labor voters: Yes 36.6% No 56.7% Other replies 6.7%
Yisrael Beiteinu voters: Yes 91.6% No 8.4%

Should the appointment of new judges be made by a public committee with full 
disclosure and hearings?
Total: Yes 79.1% No 8.7% Other replies 12.2%

Should a public committee examine and confirm every candidate for position 
of minister in the Government of Israel?
Total: Yes 69.2% No 24.2% Other replies 6.6%
Kadima voters: Yes 78.9% No 18.4% Other replies 2.6%
Likud voters: Yes 74.0% No 23.7% Other replies 2.4%
Labor voters: Yes 76.8% No 23.2%
Yisrael Beiteinu voters: Yes 83.5% No 16.5%

In light of the revelations in the (MK Yisrael Beiteinu) Estherina Tartman 
affair [AL: she claimed to have an MA and to having attended Bar Ilan 
University for a BA when in fact she did not have an MA and attended courses 
on the Bar Illan campus that were not within the framework of the degree 
granting institution and received her BA at the Israeli extension of Touro 
College.  In addition, she claimed compensation for permanent working 
disability that one would have expected to make it impossible for her to 
take on the work load of a minister], should she resign from the Knesset?
Total: Yes 70.9% No 18.7% Other replies 10.4%
Kadima voters: Yes 81.5% No 15.9% Other replies 2.6%
Likud voters: Yes 69.2% No 18.9% Other replies 11.9%
Labor voters: Yes 80.0% No 16.7% Other replies 3.3%
Yisrael Beiteinu voters: Yes 75.1% No 24.9%

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(mail POB 982 Kfar Sava)
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