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I  dream every night that  Israeli Foreign Minister Livni is waving a piece of paper, and announcing peace in our time. 
The YEAR is 2007 and not 1938. 
I wake up screaming.......Bernard
The Israeli & American Left are leading us to a  SECOND Holocaust by appeasement, corruption and treason. It is past time for Olmert and his gang of traitors and Chelmites to resign and return Zionist rule to Jerusalem.
Your American and Israeli tax dollars and Federation donations will now go to finance the terrorist government of the PA (Abbas). His goal like that of Hamas is to exterminate or expel the Jews of Israel. Olmert is obviously planning Israel's self destruction. At least American motives, while in error, are honest attempts to pursue US interests in the Middle East. Of course the Americans will still be unloved and murdered by Jihad. It certainly would be better if all concerned would act in their nation's best interests.

Olmert, don't go
PM humiliated during previous Sharm summit, should reconsider this one
Yuval Steinitz YNET Published: 06.25.07, 08:43 / Israel Opinion

Mr Olmert, I am calling on you again to reconsider your participation in the 
Sharm summit in Egypt. I am doing this after your participation in the 
previous meeting at the same location not only did not lead to any 
achievements, but rather, only brought needless humiliation. I believe the 
facts below will cool your enthusiasm for the summit and require you to 
reexamine the issue.

1. The US Congress decided over the weekend to undertake an unprecedented 
cut of $200 million from the defense aid to Egypt in light of its failure to 
crack down on the smuggling of arms and funds to Hamas in Gaza. By so doing, 
the Americans are signaling that they are fed up with Egypt's double 
standards regarding Hamas' rise to power in Gaza.

2. In addition, dozens of American senators recently signed an open letter 
to Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice, calling on her to press the 
Egyptians to honor their obligation to engage in an all-out war on arms and 
funds smuggling into the Strip (including their obligations in the framework 
of the "Philadelphi Agreement.")

3. I remind you that your predecessor, Ariel Sharon, had the courage to 
cancel his participation at the Sharm summit, despite President's Bush 
presence, by claiming that the venomous incitement against him in the 
Egyptian media and the refusal to release Azzam Azzam made it difficult for 
him to visit Sharm. A year later, Sharon received a royal reception in 
Sharm, while securing Azzam Azzam's release from prison and seeing a 
considerable decrease in the level of media incitement.

4. I remind you that several months ago you were warned by the undersigned, 
and many others, not to go to the previous Sharm summit without proper 
preparation, without pre-conditions, and without a date for a reciprocal 
visit by Mubarak to Israel. All this was aimed at preventing you from being 
humiliated. As you remember, Mubarak used your visit to condemn, in your 
presence, IDF actions in the territories, announced he would allow the 
transfer of funds to Hamas, and even declared in your presence the 
initiation of a nuclear project in Egypt?

Mr Prime Minister, your visit to Egypt at this time may undermine the 
efforts of Israel's friends in Congress to press Egypt to fight the 
smuggling of arms and funds to the Strip, and even expose you to pressures 
and humiliation of the type you have already experienced.

Please, reconsider the matter.
Yuval Steinitz is a member of the Likud party
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