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June 4, 2007
Dear Editor:
Academics in the UK have voted to boycott Israel.  
How would these pundits react if “Scothamas,” a group in control of Scotland who are trying to conquer Great Britain, were to engage in the following actions:
1.      Daily salvos of missiles from Scotland into England;
2.      The digging of a tunnel into England and killing and kidnapping British soldiers;
3.      High officials in “Scothamas” repeating on several occasions that they will destroy England in stages;
4.      The acting head of the “Scothamas” Legislative Council stated in a televised speech that Allah should count the English people and kill them to the last one.  He also declared that if his people are believers, England will be annihilated;
5.      An important member of “Scothamas” declared that England is not entitled to one inch of its own territory;
6.      “Scothamas” has a charter which contains many clauses which call for England’s destruction.  In a previous attempt at “peace,” “Scothamas” deceived England and the world into thinking that they had annulled those clauses, when in fact they had not changed one word of that charter;
These academics have evidently closed their minds to the facts that Israel been attacked by the surrounding Arab states from the day it was created by the United Nations.
Israel is in the West Bank as a result of Israel’s counter-attack against Jordan who controlled the West Bank in 1967. 
The PLO created its charter in 1964 (three years before Israel controlled the West Bank.)  This charter in Article 17 declared that the partition of Palestine and the creation of Israel in 1947 were illegal.  The charter also contained many clauses calling for the destruction of Israel.
Boycotts such as the one instituted by the academics will help the Palestinians and the Arabs succeed in their end result which is the destruction of Israel.
Very truly yours,
William K. Langfan
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