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It’s So Bad It’s Good
by Gerald A. Honigman
     or at least should be.
     If the United States--three thousand miles wide, bordered by non-hostile nations (at least one whose territories were conquered in the name of the United States’ manifest destiny ), buffered by two vast oceans, and the most powerful nation on Earth--was asked to negotiate with an enemy dedicated to its destruction, we’d expect our leaders to tell those folks to stick those negotiations as far up some bodily orifice that they would fit. And if such an enemy struck at our people, we would unleash pure hell on them
as in the aftermath of 9/11, in World War II, and so forth.
     It pays to be big--both as a nation and as a people
     The resurrected State of the Jews isn’t. It’s hard to even locate it on a map of the world. On the other hand, Arabs now have almost two dozen states--conquered mostly from non-Arab peoples--on over six million square miles of territory.
     I repeat these things often--not because I like to, but because the message just doesn’t sink in as soon as it should. And for those who have eyes and see and have ears and hear--yet still behave otherwise--I repeat such key facts to stick them into their faces. Neither reason nor ethics will be the excuse for shafting the Jews yet again.
     Recently, the Arab terrorist organization, Fatah, met with the Arab terrorist organization, Hamas, in the feudal kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Both organizations’ charters still call for the destruction of Israel, and both have continued to launch deadly attacks against Jews. 
     Mediated by those “moderate” Wahhabi models of morality--in whose country one could still purchase black slaves on the open market not that long ago (with reports of slaves still working the oil fields), in whose holy cities “Infidels” dare not set foot in, the providers of most of the homicide bombers of 9/11, etc. and so forth--the Mecca Agreement was arrived at. The negotiations focused on resolving the inter-Arab feud over who would be calling the shots--both militarily and politically--in the Palestinian Arab territories via the formation of a Unity Government.
     Recall that Israel withdrew from Gaza--strategic land used since the days of the Pharaohs as an invasion route into Israel--going on two years now. And its worst (and very predictable) nightmares came true. Arabs saw this as weakness, gave nothing in return, and simply came that much closer to launching their attacks into Israel proper. Gaza is a no-man’s-land today. 
     Arabs are still more dedicated to destroying the one minuscule state Jews have (on land they have lived on for over three millennia) than building yet another state of their own--and second, not first, one in “Palestine.” Upon the breakup of the Ottoman Turkish Empire, which ruled the area for over four centuries, Jordan was carved out of the original April 25, 1920 mandated territory in 1922 as a gift to the Brits’ Arab allies in World War I.
     No where in this new Meccan accord do Arabs recognize Israel, agree to stop terrorizing Jews, or make any attempt to reach a livable modus vivendi with a viable Jewish State as their neighbor.
     No shock here, and much of what I write is admittedly repetition. 
     But Secretary of State Rice is traveling to the Middle East again. And you know--or should know--what that means. Any time the State Department gets involved this way--especially when working along with its Saudi buddies (many a Foggy Folk and other Government employee has gotten rich off of such petrodollar friendship sooner or later)--it’s not the Arabs who get squeezed.
     Again, imagine America being placed in Israel’s shoes. Think about what our response would be to deliberate butchers of our kids, who deny our very right to exist.
     Yet Condi & Co.--with Dubya’s apparent approval--evidently expect Israel to agree to the birth of yet another rejectionist Arab state in its very backyard .
     Madam Secretary must know that her “moderate” pal, Mahmoud Abbas, was one of Arafat’s right hand men in Fatah (an organization whose various affiliate groups have barrels of Jewish blood on their hands), and that he was elected President running on a platform for Israel’s destruction. While he may differ with Hamas about the means to that destruction, his goal remains the same.
     Indeed, Abbas and the Saudis agree on a similar tactic: Talk “peace” but vow that Israel must consent to allow millions of jihadi alleged Arab refugees to “return” to swallow the Jews up in their own land.
     The State Department knows all of this
and we’re not even discussing Hamas--which is admirably more honest in its murderous intentions. 
     So, we’re back to the beginning again.
     There’s absolutely nothing in the Mecca Agreement that’s good for Israel. Furthermore, the hundreds of millions of dollars that will probably be heading Abbas and Fatah’s way will largely be used against Jews.
     Since Israel’s repeated, concrete, unilateral concessions--most, again, forced by America--nothing has changed on the Arab side. The textbooks, government maps, religious sermons, media, and such are as anti-Semitic and anti-Israel as ever. Indeed, Rice’s darling, Abbas, recently called on Hamas and Fatah to stop shooting at each other and take aim at Jews more often again.
     And why not?
     Who’s squeezing them? 
     I’ll give you a hint
     Former Secretary of State James Baker’s law firm is now the representative of Saudi Arabia’s interests in this country. His partner is America’s Ambassador to Saudi Arabia. Many officials move in and out of government into major corporations--like Bechtel--with billion dollar connections to the petrobuck. They sit or have sat on the board of directors of oil companies and other corporations tied to Arab gelt. Condi even has an oil tanker named after her in Chevron’s fleet. There is a long history of such ties
which helps to explain why the State Department opposed Israel’s very rebirth in the first place.
     So, Arabs know what to expect in such an atmosphere that is likely to present itself at the coming summit of sorts Condi has planned for Israel and its Arab “peace (of the grave)” partners. They’ve been there, done that many times before.
     In fact, there’s no doubt that the Mecca Agreement is so bad that it should be good.
     That is, if reason and justice were the guidelines, the sole, resurrected State of the Jews should be able to laugh at the prospect of being expected to consent to sacrificing itself on the petroleum-greased altar of international hypocrisy so that Arabs can gain their 22nd state--and second one in “Palestine” (the name Rome gave to Judaea after the Jews’ second revolt for independence).
     But those are not the guidelines running this show. 
     And these are Jews we’re talking about--you know, the folks often distinguished by the “special treatment” they’ve received both in the Muslim East as well as the Christian West over the centuries.
     As I’ve written before, Israel should refuse to attend the party Condi has planned
regardless of her well-known threats and tirades when it comes to Israel. 
     America would never agree to such a “deal.” 
     That elements within America’s government expect this of Israel is a disgrace
and one opposed by the majority of red-blooded Americans.
     But, with problematic results in Iraq very predicable in the not-too-distant future, the Foggy Folks are looking for the Jews to give them a “victory” in the so-called Arab world that they can point to--regardless of the consequences to the Jews themselves.
     The only answer is for Israel to hold new elections as soon as possible and bring forth leadership that will tell its best friend, America, that Jews have waited too long for their tiny sliver of justice to throw it away for a “peace for all time” Munich 2007.
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