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forwarded with Comments by Emanuel A. Winston, 
Member of the Board of Directors and research associate
Freeman Center For Strategic Studies
Get out the fingerprint dusting kit to identify the collaborators in this new trick to Kosher the Hamas pig. They say you cannot Kosher an unclean animal. Well, look at the following report and analysis by DEBKAfile and understand what is being Kashered. 
The Saudis, no doubt in collusion with the Arabist State Department and the European Union, tells us that "all prior agreements with Yassir Arafat’s Fatah - now under Mahmoud Abbas (aka Abu Mazen) made with Israel, in the name of all the Palestinian factions, will be made null and void. It’s not that they ever had solid content or were meant to be kept but, now they are doing the Koran’s Mandate of even throwing away the image of any effort to move toward recognition of the Jewish State. 
Therefore, in order to bring Hamas back into the family of Terrorist nations, Saudi Arabia says: "Let’s dispense with all prior agreements so Arafat’s Fatah, now under Mahmoud Abbas can unite with Hamas. Then the U.S., E.U., U.N., and Russia can be straight forward with funding the new Fatah/Hamas unity government and not have them sneak them donor money (taxpayers’ free dollars and euros) to fund what will be a larger unity of a Terror State. 
If you think that this was all a Saudi idea, you have better give it another "think". Some will recall the Tom Friedman/State Department hustle wherein the Saudis were prodded to offer the plan for Israel to retreat to the 1948 Armistice Lines, which were the cause of the 1967 Six Days War. If Israel withdrew to what Abba Eban called them: "Auschwitz Borders", then Israel would be recognized. Oh, Really? But, Israel would have been truncated to a vulnerable, indefensible size - inviting attack by any combination of Arab states’ coalition.
No one understood that the verbiage of "recognized" is only to say: "I see you," but I don’t have to accept you" in order to tie up loose elements. In this nefarious plot, that is, Fatah’s Mahmoud Abbas, Hamas’ Ismail Haniya, the Palestinian Prime Minister and Khaled Mashaal, leader of the militant Hamas based in Damascus met with Saudi Arabia’s King Abdullah in Mecca. It is expected that President Bush and the Europeans will buy into this trickery and the pretense that Hamas - within a Unity Government is no longer a Terrorist Entity. What a nice, innocuous, seductive and meaningless phrase is "Unity Government". Does everyone fall for it?
Moreover, the plan will be to erase the decision by the West to withhold donor monies and pour billions of tax-payers’ dollars and euros into the new Fatah-Hamas "Unity Government". This will allow them to increase their purchases of advanced weaponry in addition to those already being funneled into Gaza (plus Judea and Samaria) by both the Iranians and Egyptians.
Clearly, this plan has been in motion for some time, with the guiding hand of the U.S. State Department, working with the Saudis, Fatah and Hamas.
I wonder. How will Bush and the State Department explain to the American people and the Congress their role in colluding to arm an expanding Terrorist State in Gaza (later to be connected to Judea, Samaria, the Jordan Valley, the Golan Heights and Jerusalem)?
Worse yet is the collusion of the Olmert Government in subverting Israel’s defensive capability which is nothing less that high treason. Here we see Israel’s Foreign Minister Tzipi Livni colluding with Rice and Abbas to divest Israel of territory absolutely vital to her defense against an implacable enemy. There’s more to come as a push is undertaken to free Marwan Bargouti to replace Mahmoud Abbas by the U.S. and Israel’s Left... It gets uglier. COMMENTS BY EMANUEL A. WINSTON

February 6, 2007, 8:34 AM (GMT+02:00)

The Saudis notified the Bush administration ahead of the Mecca reconciliation summit Tuesday, Feb. 6, that the Palestinian accord for a coalition government sponsored by Riyadh will not meet a key Middle East Quartet condition for its recognition: The new government will not accept past accords, including peace agreements the Palestinian Liberation Organization signed with Israel. DEBKAfile’s Washington sources report: The new Palestinian government initiated in Mecca will only "respect" past accords – not accept them. 
Nonetheless, the US and Europe were expected by Riyadh to lift the international embargo and economic siege imposed on the Hamas government. 
In a separate missive to President George W. Bush and vice president Dick Cheney, Saudi King Abdullah stated that if the embargo is not lifted, Saudi Arabia will step in with all the funds the new Palestinian administration needs - an approximate annual sum of $1 billion. 
DEBKAfile’s Middle East sources disclose that this promise from Abdullah to Palestinian Hamas leader Khaled Meshaal was the key element paving the way for the Palestinian reconciliation pact to be signed in Mecca Tuesday. The monarch also sent notes to Russian president Vladimir Putin, French president Jacques Chirac and British premier Tony Blair.
In a flurry of briefings to senior administration officials in Washington, Saudi diplomats are explaining the following:
Riyadh has achieved most US foreign policy goals, especially the effective removal of Hamas from high office. The new Palestinian government will be headed by a neutral figure in place of Ismail Haniya and the key portfolios will pass to Fatah or independents. Washington is therefore advised not to make an issue of the Palestinian coalition’s non-recognition of Israel and past peace accords, or of the fact that Hamas will hold a majority in the new cabinet.
American officials have not so far reacted to the Saudi initiative. 
They are waiting to see how the Mecca summit turns out and the application of the documents signed there by Meshaal and Mahmoud Abbas on the ground in the Gaza Strip and West Bank. 
The Saudi government is ready to go with a huge campaign to sell the Mecca accords in Europe and Israel. It will aim to persuade the European Union to remove its economic embargo against the Palestinian government, without waiting for Washington, while also stirring up domestic pressure in Israel for acceptance of the Mecca agreement and consent to start negotiations with Hamas. The Saudis hope this campaign in Israel will be more effective than the drive for talks with Syria.
The Saudi correspondence mentions no strings attached to its economic assistance; there is no mention of any break of Hamas ties with Iran, a stoppage of the flow of Iranian weapons and cash to the Gaza Strip, or the evacuation of Iranian and Hizballah officers. Hamas therefore stands to come away from Mecca in triumph, with a Saudi-endorsed majority in the new Palestinian government, an assured cash flow from Saudi Arabia as well as Iran, and nothing to stop the continuation of military aid from Tehran and Hizballah as their investment in Hamas preparations for war with Israel. 
Shin Bet Director Yuval Diskin planned the rare news conference he held Monday, Feb. 5, as an eye-opener to the negative aspects for Israel of a Palestinian unity government under Saudi auspices. He stressed the depth of Iranian penetration of the Gaza Strip and the peril it posed to Israel’s security. Diskin found it necessary to bring these warnings before the Israeli public after the nation’s policy-makers refused to heed his wake-up call. 
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