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Saving Ourselves from Islamic Imperialism
by David Basch

       "Whatever the blindness that led  the West to fall into
       the Islamic trap, the problem that remains is what to do
       about the situation ...  this has created for Israel,
       the US, and Europe..."

Charles Krauthammer is a superb analyst. Very often he summarizes
complex situations in a comprehensible way that can lead to the
formulation of better policies. For example, in his column today
(2.2.07), headlined in the Daily News, "The Iraqi blame game," he
points to the sheer irrationality behind the Iraqi attacks of Shiite
on Shiite, Shiite on Sunni, Shiite on Kurd, and vice versa, and the
further irrationality of liberal thinkers on our own shores to blame
the US for such outbreaks, as though our helping Iraq to freedom
brought on these horrors, making us to blame.

Krauthammer has finally confronted the fact of the overwhelming
hatreds that these communities bear that lead them to strike out with
a violence that knows no rational bounds. These Muslim factions have
no rational higher purpose motivating them, like creating a unified,
peaceful and prosperous country, but only the cross purposes of the
individual sects and their hatreds owing to their variant
interpretations of Islam, which make them indifferent to the wholesale
carnage this creates for all. Krauthammer now sees this as well as the
irrationality of the critics of the US that perversely blame the US for
instilling such irrationality in the Muslim people of the region.

This, of course, is Krauthammer at his best. But then he has a bad
side when he is 180 degrees wrong on an issue, like in the case of the
Arab-Israeli struggle. Somehow Charles failed to see in the
Muslim-Arab enemies of Israel this very same implacable irrationality
he saw in Iraq.

As a result, Krauthammer has been a champion in urging Israel to give
up territory to the Arab side for the sake of, supposedly, enabling
the Muslim-Arab side to cease its inbred Jew/Israeli hatred and to live in
peace. This policy of insisting on Israel's appeasement of her Arab
enemies is not more rational than a policy of urging lambs to remove
barriers between themselves and salivating jackals.

In dealing with Israel, Krauthammer has been among the irrational
do-gooder critics of this tiny embattled nation that he now disparages
in the leftists that criticize the US in Iraq. Krauthammer blamed
Israel for making her enemies hate by Israel's daring to hold on to
her own rightfully owned strategic territories that had kept enemies
at bay. Supposedly, if Israel were to cede her territories, the Arabs
would no longer be provoked -- the lambs would stop being a provocation
to the jackals. Of course, this reasoning irrationally neglected the clear
fact that the Arabs attacked Israel when the Arabs had in their possession
all of the territories they now demand for peace. This should have made
apparent to any clear minded observer that retention of territory is not the
provocation to the Arabs but is the very existence of Israel.

Throughout the time that it was demanded that Israel relinquish strategic
territory, the Arabs displayed their unbridled hatred and inhuman brutality
toward Israel, most often directed against civilians. Could anyone seriously
think that such a primitive, irrational level of Arab hatred and 
violence could
be appeased -- the very kind seen in Iraq today?

But this blindness to Islamic irrationalism was yet in full array when
Israel's ethnic cleansing of her own Jews from their homes and
properties to give Gaza up to the Arab terrorists was supported. This enabled
the irrational, Muslim-Arab beasts of the type Krauthammer now so clearly
recognizes in Iraq to come into the possession of a new advanced base in
Gaza to use in order to perennially attack and shell southern Israeli 
cities and
to one day serve as an Arab invasion route into the heart of Israel.

While President Bush may have been enlightened by Krauthammer with
respect to Iraq -- or by the sheer experience of being fought to a
standstill by the enemy in Iraq -- he has not been any less blind than
Krauthammer to these forces with respect to Israel.

It is hard not to see in each case Bush's overriding motive to
safeguard the West's access to Middle East oil. To win over the
so-called moderate Arab nations -- all of whom are jackals when it comes
to their desire to destroy Israel -- Bush, sharing the Krauthammer view
of a stubborn Israel -- would have Israel surrender her strategic
territory in order to slake the Arab jackal's blood lust. He would
feed the Arab jackal here portions of the body of the Israeli lamb --
limb after limb, strategic territory after strategic territory. This
fuzzy Bush vision culminated in his insane policy of supporting a new
Muslim-Arab state on Israel's surrendered territory.

But, as the implacable nature of the same kind of enemies in Iraq makes
evident, appeasement will slake no Muslim blood lusts against Israel -- these
lusts being a fixed attitude of the species -- but will continue with the only
result being the compromising of the existence of a valuable ally, Israel.

Whatever the reasons for the blindness to the nature of the Islamic
enemies of the US and Israel, even when the blindness is lifted, the
problem remains as to what is to be done about the situation created
for Israel and the US facing implacable Muslim enemies not given to
compromise in the way that can be expected if the enemy were, say,
Canada. And while we are at it, we must consider the problem of
Europe, since Europe too is embattled by a Muslim menace. In all these
areas, this is a true clash of civilizations that promises to gobble 
up not only
the Middle East and its vital oil but also Israel and Europe.

At least in Iraq, Bush can now realistically gauge what can be
expected from the array of Islamic forces. Bush now knows that willing
cooperation among the parties in conflict in the creation of a unified
country is not in the cards and that substantial force and even
military victory are indispensable if the most troublesome of the
enemies are to be subdued. Without doubt, such a policy is now in the
act of being formulated by Bush and executed, including, no doubt, a
policy that will deal with the immanent nuclearizing of Iran. But at
least now Bush has ceased to fool himself about the nature of Islamic
enemies and their allies and what is required to bring forth a
successful outcome for the US and the nations of the region. A
successful outcome will either be made to happen or it will not.

On the other hand, what new policy is to be pursued in the cases
of Israel and Europe -- non Muslim lands embattled by the same type of
Islamic enemies being confronted in Iraq? In Israel and Europe,
hostile and burgeoning Muslim-Arab populations are ensconced within
these lands and, if not dealt with and subdued, promise ultimately to
overwhelm and Islamize these Western societies.

Given the extent of Muslim-Arab penetration, simple solutions are no
longer possible. Solutions like education and assimilation of these
Muslim populations -- the favorite and high-minded nonsense non-solutions
of liberals -- will not work on large Muslim-Arab enclaves that have
already brought with them the scourges of radical Muslim ways --
the very ways that new emigrants from Islamic lands supposedly sought
to escape. In both Israel and in Europe, Muslim-Arab communities have
already formed "nations within nations' and the dynamics of these
incipient "nations" are such that they will burgeon through the prodigious
natural growth that Muslims are given to and legal and illegal immigration
and will press first for autonomy and then eventual secession into separate
national entities that will join with their brothers in the greater 
Islamic world,
for which these outlying communities have been the vanguard.

We already have a sample of the impact of such communities in Israel
in the recently abandoned Gaza region. Here the new independent
foothold given to the Arabs has expressed its character as hostile and
terrorist and a menace to its former Israeli host. There are none here
of Bush's freedom-loving Arab democrats in this Bush-Krauthammer
supported Gaza -- nothing but a forerunner of what lies ahead in the
new Arab state advocated by a blind Bush.

Clearly, the Muslim-Arab penetrations of Israel and the Western Europe
are not to be compromised or educated away. The seeds of the
Muslim-Arab wildflowers must be stamped out and defeated. It is here
that we must look to the wisdom that the Western Allies were able to
muster after their victory over Nazi Germany in the aftermath of the
horrors of World War II.

In the wisdom of the Western Allies, what had been a major factor in
bringing about World War II was the presence of German ethnics outside
of Germany that had provided the pretexts that Hitler used to expand his
militant Germany. The German ethnics had earlier been won over by
Hitler's culture of the master race, a propensity that German culture
tended to leave with its ethnics. To prevent such a situation from
ever again occurring in Europe, the Allies determined that all German
ethnics would be transferred to Germany.

The horrible experience of World War II with Germany left an indelible
impression on Western leaders who were determined that it was
unthinkable that a rerun of German aggression would ever be suffered.
Since German culture tended to provide ripe soil for master race
theories, German ethnics in the number of 12,000,000 were transferred
to Germany from the surrounding region. These were German ethnics that
had lived outside Germany for many decades and up to a century. This
was to be done for the sake of future peace in Europe.

No attempt was made to distinguish between German ethnics, those more
or those less prone to the German cultural infection of the master
race thinking. The ultimate goal of peace in Europe was overriding and
the scourge of German master race culture was to be removed from the
surrounding nations, never to become possible again.

If peace in Europe was the goal so worthy that the transfer of 12,000,000 was
possible then, how like the present circumstance are the Muslim ethnic
enclaves in the Europe of today, a violence prone population with a 
culture that
necessarily brings it into deadly conflict with its hosts? How also like this
is the situation in Israel today and in her territories? In both regions, a
pernicious Islamic culture necessarily promises division, violent 
and conquest of the host.

There is not a ghost of a chance that Islamic enclaves in Europe and
Israel can be reformed to live in peace without being decisively
defeated in their aims by removing this threatening population to Muslim lands.
True, the defeat of Germany enabled the Western Allies to freely transfer
German ethnics there. How will this be accomplished in connection with
Arab nations unless these are similarly pressed by defeat?

The problem is real but is on the way to being resolved as a result of
the aggression of some of the Arab nations against their neighbors.
This aggression must not only be rewarded by defeating it but by
giving the aggressors the bonus of being forced to receive their Muslim
vanguards that live outside their lands.

Forget the baloney of non existent Islamic peacefulness. Radical Islam
speaks for the masses of Arabs, not moderation, which is invisible. If
Israel and the West are to survive, the Muslim populations that are
today the bearers of the imperialist, jihadic nature of Islam must be
transferred from critical locations where they now form the vanguard of
imperialist Islam. In Israel, the areas from which the Arabs are to be
removed are Gaza and the territories. Arab aggression invites no less
than such a far reaching response if Israel is to be master of herself
and survive in the region. Such a response will prevent and put a
final end to the kind of recurrent insurrections of Muslim populations
against Israel and enable Israel to defend her territory against
permanently hostile neighbors that cannot be appeased.

As for Europe, it remains for European nations to take the bull by the
horns to preserve their societies by removing inassimilable Islamic
enclaves. Better this than becoming the victim of Islamic imperialism,
and having visited on themselves the horrors of what they wish to now
spare Muslim populations from. I leave it to the European societies to
formulate the details of their plans.

The clash of civilizations is already here and this genie will not
willingly be returned to its bottle.

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