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by Emanuel A. Winston, 
Member of the Board of Directors and research associate 
Freeman Center For Strategic Studies

I can state without a doubt or hesitation that it is not possible to make lasting peace with Muslims or Arabs. We have the pundits or Leftists who invariably speak of agreed preconditions which are irrelevant in a contract with Arab Muslims. Underlying all agreements is their Islamic right and religious obligation to simply abrogate any terms of such an agreement and simply act as if the clauses specifying their obligations never existed.
The Pundits always speak of what should be done; what could be done; and then move on as if the "should" and "could" had actually occurred. What is even worse is that, within the Arab Muslim culture, each following ruler can declare whatever the preceding ruler has agreed to is either null and void or act as if it doesn’t exist.
For example, Hosni Mubarak, President of Egypt, declared the Camp David Peace Accords as null and void at their 10 year anniversary - which Islam orders him to do, according to Mohammed’s example with the Hudaybiya Treaty of 628 C.E. (1) This wasn’t noticed or reported by the either Media or the State Department. 
Syria, for another example, has always been Israel’s most active and dedicated enemy. It was the keeper of the primary, secondary and tertiary boycotts of Israel and all companies doing business with Israel - representing all other Arab Muslim countries. Nothing in the hostile relationship precludes the doctrine of Hafez of Assad from being passed on to his son, Bashar Assad and to his son, etc. Nor can Israel presume that any temporary agreement reached about the Golan Heights will stay in place after he’s gone. 
Keep in mind that Assad represent only 10% of the population as Alawites. The remainder of the Syrians are mostly Sunnis with a small mixture of Shi’ites. Alawite generals and officers control the Army. Should there be a "coup d’etat" as almost happened when Hafez al Assad died and Bashar took power, the Sunnis would probably control Syria. Neither Alawites nor the Sunnis are friends to the Jewish State nor of each other. The Assads have poured their best arms into the city of Latakia, an Alawite city which is slated as the escape fort when the inevitable "coup d’etat" forces them out of power.
Any agreements Bashar undertook to gain control of the Golan would be considered null and void under new Sunni leadership. Israelis can forget skiing and snow-boarding on the Golan’s Mt. Hermon slopes should they give up the Golan Heights. They would be better off cleaning out the bomb shelters and setting up their anti-missile missile batteries.
More importantly, the Olmert/Livni government under U.S. State Department control would evacuate Israel’s observation posts immediately. Those areas would quickly revert to dominate missile launching sites with the Israelis complaining to the U.N. or U.S. that it is not fair that the agreements were being broken.
I am similarly reminded of the gestures of peace to transfer the Sinai Desert to Egypt’s control, providing that it be de-militarized. The naive Prime Minister Menachem Begin and staff complained to the U.S. State Department when Egypt almost immediately broke their Camp David agreement and moved up SAM (Surface-to-Air Missiles) and mobile missile batteries. The State Department ignored Israel’s complaints, even when shown aerial photographs, proving their claims. 
Guarantees by the U.S. and especially the U.N. are worthless on the day they are signed. Israeli Leftists have always been skilled apologists for the Arab Muslims, no matter how egregious their blatant breaking of agreements. They snivel, whine and wring their hands, explaining why it was Israel who forced the Arabs to ignore and break all agreements. 
Recall Oslo 1 and 2. Recall the surrender of Gush Katif in Gaza where the pre-conditions were that the Arab Muslim Palestinians would take over what the industrious Jews had built and live there in peace - de-militarized. 
On the day after the 10,000 Jewish men, women and children were forced by Sharon, Olmert and Halutz from their 25 communities in Gush Katif and Northern Samaria, the Muslim Arabs poured in and tore down or stole everything the Jews had so carefully nurtured. The mobs, followed by the mix of different organizations of terrorists who fought for the best piece of land - with the choicest going the Arafat’s officers. 
The Israeli Leftists swallowed their spit and dropped into silence. Things, of course, got worse when the Palestinians started to fire volleys of Kassam Rockets into Israel by the hundreds. Here again the Leftists, now under Olmert, did nothing but tie the hands of its military so as to accommodate the Muslim Arab Palestinian Terrorists and the always-present pro-Arab State Department. But, even that horrific example did not stop Sharon’s clone, Ehud Olmert, from issuing a proclamation that he was going to evacuate Judea and Samaria of all Jews as he advised Sharon to do in Gaza. 
But, this shyster lawyer was going to draft an agreement with pre-conditions - just as Rabin, Peres and Beilin did in Oslo. Now we are told that he has already been in negotiations with Bashar of Syria to give over the Golan Heights. Never did the Ghost of Arafat enjoy a better turn of events.
Hidden in plain sight are the ever present words of Islam’s Koran and Mohammed’s Hadith in all contracts with the infidel, namely, you can break any agreement at an earlier time of your choosing but, you must break it no later than 10 years. This refers to Mohammed’s abrogation of the "Hudaybiya" peace Treaty for 10 years he made with a tribe of Jews, the Banu Qurayzah (also spelled Quarish and Koraish) in Medina.(2) But, Mohammed returned when he was stronger militarily 3 years later to slaughter the men, selling the women and children into slavery. Long trenches were dug down the main street of Medina where they threw the Jewish Qurayzah men, killed and beheaded them.(3) If you are reminded of Babi Yar and the Nazis, it was the same.
In the meantime, the scribblers of agreements are busy drafting useless pre-conditions into a document that will never be kept in fact or in spirit. Usually, there are many shadowy figures creeping in and out like earthworms after a rain. Here we find the ghost of Mohammed’s Koran and "Hadith" (Oral Law). Also find the hidden hands of the Arabist State Department scribbling pre-conditions to lure the always naive Jews into thinking that words are actual things. What’s even more disturbing is to hear Tzipi Livni mouthing the same failed conditions found in Oslo.
Often we find Jews who have assimilated while still masquerading as Jews. They enthusiastically assisted both the Arabs and the State Department to find the right words and phrases that naive Jews will say "yes" to. Leftists wallow in self righteousness in their effort to de-Judaize in order to be liked by the world as they betray their fellow Jews and the nation. Once they succeed at gnawing away the moral pillars based on Jewish ethics that support civilized society, that civilization collapses, then they are nowhere to be seen.
How these Jews gurgle with aberrant pride, thinking they have put one over on Jews who believe in the Land and their destiny. As for the State Department clerks in the bowels of "Foggy Bottom", they should know their numerous clauses will NOT be kept by the Arabs but, if it suckers the Jews into cooperative silence and appeases/pleases the Islamists, they could care less.
One can (almost) understand the motives of Jew-hating enemies ready to use any trick to subvert the Jewish nations. It’s more difficult to understand Jew-hating Jews who collaborate with our enemies who will eventually kill them too. We saw that with the "Judanratt" Jews who collaborated with the Germans to round up other Jews for transport to the killing camps, only in the end, they too were herded onto the last cattle car to the smoke stacks.
Arab Muslims be they Iranians, Egyptians (both Muslim but not Arab), Iraqis and Syrians do NOT make binding contracts with "infidels" (non-Muslims). For that matter they do not even consider agreements with each other to be binding. It has been reported that they have broken some several hundred agreements with other Muslims just during the 20th Century.
The difference is that Muslims already know that either they or other Muslims can break any contract or agreement going into the negotiations. Neither the Free West (especially America) nor Israel ever seems to grasp this elemental paradigm of Muslim ethics based on Mohammed’s Koranic teachings.
As for the Left Liberal Jewish self-appointed leaders, they are not unlike lemmings ready to jump off the cliff of life in order to be accepted in the non-Jewish world to which they aspire. When needed, they can put on a yarmulke (Kippa) and proclaim their Jewishness. Otherwise, off comes the pretense and they revert to being un-Jews, not only NOT proud of their Jewishness but trying very hard to escape it as they assimilate. To accomplish this goal, they will revert to being hostile to observant Jews who honor G-d’s Gift of the Land of Israel and His Torah to the Jewish people for eternity. 
[I do not include nor do I mean to offend my friends who are not so observant but who do honor their Jewishness and G-d given rights to sovereignty on the Land of Israel and their Jewish heritage.]
With respect to making a contract/agreement with Arab/Muslims. Ignore their false protestations that they seek only peace and are willing to live side-by-side with Jews (whom Muslims consider un-believers and infidels, i.e., all non-Muslims). At the first call of the Mullahs or Ayatollahs "fatwas" (Islamic orders), he too, like a cross-dresser will put on his Islamist face and kill you, if he can. 
Some (like Mahmoud Ahmadinejad) are more honest and will tell you and the world outright that he means to eliminate you for the sake of establishing a World Islamic Caliphate based on Sharia law to dominate the world with Islam. Believe him! "He says what he means; and he means what he says!" 
You cannot make peace with a Muslim unless you abandon your own religion and people. A Muslim follows the maxim: "Kiss the hand of your enemy until you can cut it off!" 
Nor can you trust the un-Jew, nominally described as a Leftist to protect you or the Jewish nation of Israel.
1. "Arafat Opts for the ‘Hudaibiyah Treaty" Gamla June 27, 2002 http://www.freerepublic.com/focus/news/708295/posts
2. "Whose Jerusalem? Whose Land? The Greatest Lie Ever Told About Jerusalem" by Emanuel Winston, http://christianactionforisrael.org/greatest_lie.html citing The Encyclopedia Judaica 
3. "Anti-Semitism and Islam" by Timothy R. Furnish FrontPageMagazine.com Feb. 2, 2007
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