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"Patriotism" Poll Results
Dr. Aaron Lerner               2 February 2007

The following are from the results of a survey of a random sample of some 
800 adults Israelis (including Israeli Arabs) carried out during the course 
of December by Midgam under the supervision of Prof. Ephraim Yaar, Head of 
the Evens
Program in Mediation and Conflict Resolution at Tel Aviv University, and 
Efrat Peleg for presentation at the Institute for Policy and Strategy 
Herzelia Conference held in January.

Jews: To what extent do you consider yourself an Israeli patriot?
Very much 36% Great 31% To an extent 26% Not at all 7%
Percentage who said very much or great by age:
18-29  51%  30-39 65% 40-49 64% 50-59 73% 60+ 84%

Jews: How important are these things for Israeli patriotism?
Percentage who said very much or considerable:
95% Live in country
89% Vote in elections
92% Honor tradition
89% Establish new community
81% Buy Israeli goods
96% Willing to fight
84% Protest against policy
86% Fly Israeli flag
90% Contribute to society

Jews: How important are these values for Israeli patriotism?
Percentage who said very much or considerable:
95% Jerusalem
95% Hebrew language
82% Bible
88% Ingathering of the exiles
85% Social justice
73% Tradition of the Prophets of Israel
95% Love of the Land
83% Zionism

Jews: Would you be willing to fight for the State?
Certainly 70% Almost certain 22%
Almost certainly no 4% No 4%

Jews: Do you agree that there is justification to refuse to fight in a war 
that you believe is immoral?
Agree a lot 29% Agree considerably 22%
Don't agree so much 22% Don't agree at all 27%

Jews: Would you encourage your children to live in the country despite that 
there are wealthier and safer places they can live?
Agree a lot 63% Agree considerably 24%
Don't agree so much 10% Don't agree at all 3%

Jews: Would you be willing to move and live in another country?
Certain no 58% Think no 19%
Think yes 17% Certain yes 6%
Percentage think yes & certain yes by age:
18-29 33% 30-39 27% 40-49 23% 50-59 17% 60+ 13%

Jews: What is the main reason you would be willing to move to another 
Economics 32% Security 26% Corruption 11% Personal development 10%
Absence of solidarity 7% Family 6%
Objection to policy 4% Other 4%

Percentage of Jews who said that:
94% Proud to be Jewish
83% Proud to be Israeli
66% Israel is a better state

Percentage of Jews who were very proud or proud of the following matters 
relating to the State of Israel:
Cultural heritage 58% Solidarity 39% Security forces 64% Courts 50%
Knesset 7% Government 9% Jewish Character 53% Culture and literature 77%
Science and technology 91% Social welfare system 15%
Economic achievements 53% Democratic functioning 34%

Percentage of Jews respecting symbols by political affiliation:
Left: Anthem 83% Memorial day siren 96% IDF uniform 79%
Center: Anthem 90% Memorial day siren 89% IDF uniform 93%
Right: Anthem 83% Memorial day siren 87% IDF uniform 90%

How did the Lebanon War affect your feelings towards the State and trust in 
its institutions?

Emotional feeling:
Strengthened considerably 21% A little 11% No effect 42%
Weakened a little 15% Weakened considerably 11%

Trust in Government:
Strengthened considerably 2% A little 5% No effect 13%
Weakened a little 23% Weakened considerably 57%

Trust in Knesset:
Strengthened considerably 2% A little 5% No effect 20%
Weakened a little 23% Weakened considerably 50%

Trust in security forces:
Strengthened considerably 14% A little 10% No effect 19%
Weakened a little 30% Weakened considerably 27%

Trust in media:
Strengthened considerably 9% A little 11% No effect 29%
Weakened a little 15% Weakened considerably 36%

Jews: How would you rate the ability of the civilian population to endure?

Respondents in North and Haifa:
Very good 55% Considerably good 38%
Considerably bad 3% Bad 4%

Respondents in rest of country:
Very good 48% Considerably good 41%
Considerably bad 7% Bad 5%

Arabs: Percentage who replied that they consider themselves patriots to a 
great extent:
Arab patriotism 85% Palestinian patriotism 52% Israeli patriotism 32%

Arabs: How did Lebanon war impact your emotional ties to the State?
Strengthened considerably 9% A little 2% No effect 48%
Weakened a little 13% Weakened considerably 28%
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