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The Israeli & American Left Left are leading us to a  SECOND Holocaust by appeasement, corruption and treason. It is past time for Olmert and his gang of thugs to resign and return Zionist rule to Jerusalem.

Take Your Head Out Of The Sand… 
by Gerald A. Honigman

    Or be buried in it forever. 

    Since last summer’s disastrous war against Hizbullah, Israel has continued on a suicidal downward slope. 

    Just as Lebanon 2006 failed due to years of inexcusable poor planning and political decisions (regardless of admitted external pressures from “powerful friends”), Israel will face even worse to come if it persists in acting like the proverbial ostrich. 

    As is well known by now, many in the Arab/Muslim world have been deeply encouraged by Israel’s lack luster performance against Hizbullah. The Syrians are said to be setting up traps similar to those encountered by Israel in south Lebanon to add to their formidable arms and troop modernization and build up. Scores of thousands of more advanced rockets and missiles are ready to do far more damage than those Hizbullah tasted success with…despite Israel’s advantage in the air. 

    Hopefully, Baby Assad understands that if he starts something, Damascus will look like the Hizbullah part of Beirut last year. But--with the current Israeli leadership--that's not necessarily the case...and it should be. 

    Emboldened by Hizbullah’s relative success and Israel’s willingness over the decades to repeatedly trade hundreds or thousands of Arab prisoners--many with blood on their hands, who get released only to kill more Jews again and again--for one or two of their own (or sometimes just the latters’ bones), Hamas is now threatening to kidnap more Israelis and Jews worldwide. 

    There is nothing we can do to change the nature of the beast Israel faces. 

    It is what it is…regardless of what Dr. Condoleezza Rice, her State Department, and unfortunately the President, himself, say or try to make it look like. 

    Fatah…Hamas…when it comes to the subject of living in peace and accepting the permanency of the Jewish State of Israel, it makes no difference. The recent Mecca Accords should have proved this to any doubters who had their brains, eyes and ears functioning properly. 

    So, there is no one more to blame for Israel’s current predicament than Israel itself. 

    Recently, a group of Jews having an Independence celebration picnic were surrounded by thousands of Israeli Arabs threatening them with violence, waving Hamas and PLO flags, and so forth. And Olmert’s Government’s reaction was stalled, minimal, and late in coming. 

    A bit earlier, the same thing happened to Jews in Jaffa. 

    Indeed, these stories--like those involving actions against the state by Arab members of Israel’s Parliament, the Knesset--have  been on the rise and not uncommon for many years. 

    Decades ago, the late Rabbi Meir Kahane warned of such things and the need to take solid action and was branded a racist and extremist. 

    He was as correct then as he is now. 

    What nation would put up with the events mentioned above committed by its own citizens…in this case, the freest Arabs anywhere in the Middle East? Over twenty thousand Arabs who opposed Hafez al-Assad in Syria were eliminated in short order in his Hama Solution.  Ditto in Iraq and all over the Arab world…and those folks just opposed the regime--not the very state in which they lived. 

    The time is running out for the Israeli Left’s delusions and cowardice to continue. 

    The time to act--and act decisively--is now. 

    Israel must unabashedly confront this problem head on. 

    It must try its best to reason with its Arab citizens. Some will undoubtedly prove to be loyal. 

    Many, indeed, know how good they have it--especially when glancing at what Abbass and Hamas have to offer. 

    But, for those who take aim at their Jewish neighbors and the very state in which they live, the time for play has passed. 

    Arabs have almost two dozen states to date, conquered mostly from non-Arab peoples. 

    Trials for treason must be forthcoming with expulsion as the punishment. These are long overdue. 

    Let the guilty choose from those above states or the Palestinian Arab territories where to go. 

    Jews just have one, tiny, reborn  state--and they don’t need to be intimidated in it by fellow Arab citizens who have more rights in Israel than they would have in any Arab and/or Muslim state. 

    Just as half of Israel's Jews are from refugee families who lived in so-called Arab states, Israel's Arab citizens live in a Jewish state. Why is it alright for the one but not the other? 

    I don’t care how politically incorrect it sounds…As Kahane wrote decades ago, They Must Go. 

    No nation would tolerate a potentially deadly fifth column openly aiding and abetting avowed enemies sworn to that very nation’s destruction. Putting these folks in jail will just cost the Israeli tax payer money and will be yet more temptation for the blackmailers. 

    Israel must send a new message in this post-Lebanon ‘06 era if it wants to avoid utter catastrophe. 

    Leaving the treason issue and moving onto another, Israel must enact swift execution for those who murder Jews and their accomplices. That will also mean getting rid of Lefty suicidal judges as well. 

    Murderers of Jewish babes and other innocents need to be dispatched quickly…or not taken alive in the first place. Such folks think nothing about blowing buses and restaurants up along with everyone inside. If Arabs insist on continuously using their folks as human shields, then let the international community intervene since this is most certainly against the Geneva Conventions--the Perfidy Clause, among others. If this is continued to be ignored, then those same Conventions  authorize Israel to do what needs to be done anyway to engage its deadly enemy. 

    By swiftly executing capital offenders, Israel will avoid the constant blackmail it is subjected to (and going on right now yet again) for the return of a few prisoners who, unlike the Arab ones, have never been visited by the International Red Cross to determine if they’re even still alive. 

    Next, as stated in the beginning, the Arabs have boasted that they’re hunting for more Jews to kidnap. 

    So what’s Israel going to do about it? React and call for more alerts? 

    Not anywhere near enough... 

    Israel needs to be more proactive, not reactive…like in the good ‘ole days. 

    And it needs to be unpredictable. Very unpredictable. I've been screaming this for years... 

    It must leave all Arabs worrying about what it's next move may be. "Militants" having their next meeting must fear having that next meeting. 

    Arab leaders must come to fear for their own lives if they threaten Jews this way…and they are doing just that. Israel knows how to do this well. It just needs to start once again...and even better this time around. 

    Israel needs to have surprises waiting for those Arab gatherings where hundreds of “militants“--amassed together, with rifles firing into the air--are screaming for Jewish blood. The latter need to be taken out en masse…not just one or two at a time, a waste of very expensive missiles. 

    Anything less than fighting to win is unacceptable at this point. 

    The Arabs have made clear (if there was ever really any doubt) both with their Mecca Accords and the Saudi Peace (of the grave ) Plan what their intentions are…the same as they always have been--regardless of what their assorted  whitewashers say. 

    Israel must have exponentially devastating increments of justice awaiting enemies sworn to the death of both Jews and The Jew Of The Nations…and it must not hesitate at putting it into effect--regardless of what the hypocrites elsewhere will say. Worrying about the latter is what has gotten Israel into the mess it’s in right now. 

    And, again, it’s time for Arab leadership itself to also pay the price for its behavior. 

    Both the head and the body of the snake must be dealt with. 

    If a state can’t or won’t control (or actually promotes) the violence of its citizens against its neighbors, then it can’t complain when those neighbors do what’s necessary for their own security. 

    America’s own Powell Doctrine calls for massive retaliation against our own enemies. 

    An Israel roughly the size of New Jersey can’t afford to do less--especially given the neighborhood it lives in. It must put fear back into the Arabs’ thinking. While this is unfortunate, it’s true. I wish there was another way. Unfortunately, for Arabs, there isn’t--short of Israel’s disappearance. 

    The earlier peace treaties with Egypt and Jordan came about not due to any Arab love for Jews. 

    The fear of Pyrrhic victory did the trick. 

    But 1967 and 1973 are long in the past…memories have faded, and so forth. 

    Israel must take extreme care not be lured to fight according to the Arabs’ game plan as it did in Lebanon last summer. It must come up with major, conclusive new shocks of its own. 

    The Jews did not ask for this war. But if the Arabs insist on deliberately waging it from amidst their own non-combatants, using them as human shields, then--as the Geneva Conventions say--the consequences will rest upon their own heads. Israel must lose no sleep over this. If it means withdrawing from the United Nations, taking cuts in American aid, or whatever…so be it. 

    Enough of fighting a murderous, inhumane enemy--which deliberately targets Jewish children and uses its own kids as shields--with one hand tied behind the back. 

    Both Hamas and Fatah must be taught the long overdue, excruciatingly painful lesson Hizbullah was unfortunately spared. 

    The State Department and the President won‘t like this (not to mention others), as they’re still trying to shove Fatah’s  latter day Arafatians down Israel’s throat as “moderates.” 

    Israel must act decisively anyway. It’s very existence is at stake at this point. 

    It may mean that new Israeli elections must be ushered in, if at all possible, first. Olmert’s crew and their delusions brought about Lebanon 2006 and other potential disasters. 

    If Israel does what it takes to follow through on all of this, it may yet avoid the next costlier war with Syria and perhaps Iran as well.
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