[Freemanlist2] Shelly Paz - Israeli photographer wins Pulitzer prize

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Wed Apr 18 10:16:56 CDT 2007

Dear Friends,  Baruch HaShem that Oded Bality of AP won the Pulitzer for the supremely significantly photo of one woman at the Amona violent attacks by police and soldiers against unarmed civilians.  The brave woman was trying to hold back what looks like 25-30 soldiers armed with riot gear.    This really is the peak picture of the year.  
    When the Fauxphotograph by Reuters of the posed "supposedly Lebanese rescue workers" holding up the baby appeared on the front page of the Chicago Tribune during July at Kana, I really feared that it would attrack Pulitzer notice.  But, LittleGreenFootballs scuttled that fake by exposing the whole Fauxphotography scene.  I was stuck in the hospital, recovering from a hip replacement surgery & very frustrated that I couldn't track it down.  [BTW, my new hip is great & I can walk far without pain, B"H.]
    We need to see a re-run of that expose.  Keep your eyes open for further Fauxphotography scandals.
All the best,
    Gail Winstopn
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