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Weekly Commentary: Honest examination of destabilizing potential of military sales required - not just boilerplate declarations

Dr. Aaron Lerner                   Date: 12 April, 2007

"The proposed sale of this equipment and support will not affect the basic 
military balance in the region"

So proclaims every announcement of a sale of U.S. military equipment to 
Israel's neighbors.

Not because it is necessarily true, but because the declaration is required 
by law.

In point of fact, there is no set procedure, no established criteria for 
analysis, no guidelines whatsoever, associated with the requirement to 
include this declaration.

As a result the declaration appears simply because it is required.

And the Government of the United States of America finds itself engaged in a 
bizarre form of circular logic:  since U.S. military equipment can only be 
supplied to Israel's neighbors if it "will not affect the basic military 
balance in the region" and the sale is going to be made then it follows that 
the sale "will not affect the basic military balance in the region"

Why bizarre?

For this boiler plate statement to be in fact true would mean that the US 
sells literally billions of dollars of apparently worthless weapons systems 
to the Arabs.

Why worthless?

Because these many billions of dollars of US made weapons never "affect the 
basic military balance in the region".

Many years ago, when Congress required that the sales not "affect the basic 
military balance in the region" the idea wasn't to require a mindless 
declaration but instead serious consideration of the impact of each sale.

It is high time for Congress to revisit the issue and insist that a system 
of procedures be established to put this farce to an end.

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