[Freemanlist2] INSTEAD OF LAUNCHING ITSELF INTO SPACE AND DISAPPEAR... the Likud creates the Anglo division

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Instead of launching an "Anglo-Division", the Likud should LAUNCH 
sergio HaDaR tezza - Qiryat Arba, 18 Nissan 5767, 3rd Day of the Omer

The Likud has caused ONLY TRAGEDIES to Am Israel.

They chose Dayan as Minister of Defense in 1977, the same Dayan who as 
Defense Minister had given our holy places (Temple Mount, Makhpelàh 
Cave) to the Arabs, and had caused with his inaction the massacre of 
thousands of Israeli soldiers in the Yom Kippur War.
They brought the Israeli economy to its knees with triple digit 
inflation within three years.
They financed Islamic fundamentalists in Gaza since 1977, helping 
create the Hamas, thinking that a religious enemy would be better than 
a political enemy and they could use them against the PLO.
They gave away  in 1979 1/3 of the empire they inherited from Labour, 
the Sinai Peninsula, which supplied much of the oil Israel needed and 
the buffer against terror from the South, besides billions in tourist 
revenues, in exchange for a piece of paper signed by a former nazi 
They passed a law in 1979 forbidding ONLY JEWS to build where we wanted 
in Judea, Samaria and Gaza
They recognised the rights of a non existent people to OUR land in Camp 
David 1979.
They deported all the Jews from Sinai and Destroyed the Jewish villages 
and cities there by 1982.
They allowed AraBfart to leave Lebanon with his terrorists and weapons 
instead of killing him (which Sharon PERSONALLY FORBADE!)
They liberated 1000 terrorists in 1985 and thus gave the biggest 
organizational push to the intifada.
They did not put a stop to the intifada in 1987 but on the contrary 
they disarmed Jewish settlers and persecuted the right wing.
They did all they could to pre-empt anyone to come up as representative 
of the Torah and Land of Israel faithful, pushing like no one else for 
the ousting of Kach from the Knesset race in 1988, after finding out 
that Kach was going to get 12% of the votes.
In 1991 they allowed the murder of Jews to flood the streets of Israel, 
they did not respond to Saddam Hussein's missiles bending over 
backwards to US blackmail and insults and weakening Israel's 
They LIED to the electorate in 1996, allowed the murder of 19 soldiers 
in August 1996 in Shechem so as "not to endanger" the so-called "peace 
They dealt with AraBfart as a friend (after an election campaign by 
Netanyahu making fun of Peres hand in hand wit AraBfart) and gave him 
80% of Hebron causing the murder of Jews there because of it.
They allowed the murder of over 1000 Jews under Sharon's watch 
(2001-2005) the highest number of murdered Jews under anyone's 
They did not respond for 5 years to the continues attacks, 
provocations, murders, kidnappings and rockets on our Northern Border.
They increased the number of poor Jewish children to unprecedented 
levels while giving more and more money to the richest 1/10 of the 
Under Sharon they allowed the passing of laws for the import of pork 
meat for the first time in three thousand years and allowed the public 
desecration of Shabbath and the Torah of Israel to UNPRECEDENTED 
They DEPORTED over 10.000 Jews from their homes in Erets Israel and 
destroyed the Jewish villages in the Gaza Strip and Northern Samaria



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Likud to launch Anglo division
Mar. 29, 2007

Opposition leader Binyamin Netanyahu will formally launch the Likud's  
new "Anglo" division in a kickoff event on Thursday at the party's Tel  
Aviv headquarters.

The new division is intended to appeal to immigrants from  
English-speaking countries who want to help the Likud return to power  
and to advance causes that specifically appeal to so-called "Anglo"  

The division's founder, Ari Harow, said those issues include clean  
government, electoral reform, education, hasbara and aliya.

Harow, a Netanyahu adviser from Los Angeles, took steps to form an  
Anglo division before last year's election. He decided it was important  
to form a permanent division, not connected to any campaign or to any  

"Not only was there a need to do something continuous, but forming an  
Anglo group is also valuable because the party could potentially return  
to power soon and we can have a real say in influencing the policies of  
the next government," Harow said.

Netanyahu, who encouraged the division's formation, will be joined at  
the event by MKs Limor Livnat, Yuval Steinitz and Gilad Erdan. Harow  
said Netanyahu displayed particular interest in the group because of  
his command of the English language and his own background in the  
United States.

Following Pessah, the division will hold gatherings and parlor meetings  
with MKs in communities with strong populations of Anglos across the  
country. Members of the division will also work on legislation that  
Likud MKs will advance on their behalf.

Moledet is the only party with an active Anglo division that functions  
beyond pre-election time. The National Union-National Religious Party  
that Moledet is a part of and several other parties formed Anglo  
campaigns ahead of the last election.

The only party other than Moledet that has specifically targeted Anglos  
as one of its primary constituencies was Natan Sharansky's Israel  
Ba'aliya party, ahead of the 2003 election. The party merged with Likud  
shortly after that experiment failed.

This article can also be read at  

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